I Moved House – Third Time in Three Years!

Ah, the university life…

I’m very well aware, as you may be, that many people, when going to university, live in halls for first year and then find some housemates and live in a house/flat/whatever for the successive two years, or however long they may be there for. Well… not me!

I lived in private halls in first year because I didn’t get offered the university-owned accommodation I wanted, and the one they did offer me was far too high a price. Instead, I was in a five-person self-catered ensuite flat, with four people I’d never met before. The staff had managed to group the five of us together as all first years at the same university (they served 3 in the area). It was an interesting year, involving far too much cigarette smoke coming into my bedroom, a melted fork in the oven, and maggots in the flat.

In second year, I chose to live with four other girls, three of whom were also doing history, the fourth doing English. It was actually quite funny as I was the only monolingual of the group – the other languages spoken were Welsh, Punjabi, Greek, and Portuguese. This was a slightly turbulent living situation – two of us preferred to be far tidier than the others, and one housemate actually moved out shortly after Christmas. But, aside from the hiccups, it was a nice house, recently refurbished, with two bathrooms and it was close to the university – though on the other side of campus to my first year, not that this made all that much difference.

So what happened this year? Well, almost from the beginning, one of my second year housemates said they were planning to live with other people in her third year. Then another wanted to live in a different area to where we were – further from the university, where we didn’t want to move to. So we were down to three, until the whole oh-wait-she’s-moved-out thing. This left two of us trying to find an affordable two-bed student rental house, preferably close to university, after Christmas – by which time most of the properties have been taken up. (Top tip: when looking for second and third year accommodation, figure out what you want as fast as you can in October and GET LOOKING!)

If we’d known it would have been just the two of us early on, we probably could have grabbed a lovely, fairly cheap place. As it is, we have a pretty small, slightly shabby house – but it’s actually a tad closer to university than last year, and the bills are included in the rent which is slightly cheaper than it was last year (though my third year loan is smaller too, thanks government).

Moving in at the beginning of this month was a bit of a nightmare, largely because the property wasn’t actually clean. Not too big an ask of somewhere you’re paying a large amount of rent to, right? For it to be clean when you move in? Well, apparently, yes it is. Spiders – both dead and alive – were everywhere. Cobwebs everywhere, too. Sticky floor. The whole shebang. It’s taken a good while to settle in here. Then there was a bit of an issue where I didn’t know where what felt like half my belongings were – at this point my things were spread between two houses in Liverpool, one in Telford, and one at home in Hertfordshire! Thus, it took a bit of time to pool everything together.

See, I actually don’t mind moving – I’d go so far as to say I quite like it. The variety suits me well, and I know it can be a hassle (thanks mum & dad), but all the same… it keeps things changing. I realise many people dislike change as a whole, but particularly when it comes to the changing of home comforts – I can’t say that’s something I find too challenging, but I understand why others do.

So yes, I’m in this place for a little under a year – I don’t plan on going home for all that long over Christmas and Easter this year, probably under a month in total, so I’ll probably be here until the end of the tenancy at the end of June 2019. Then, of course, I’ll be graduating from university and moving back home… which I’m just thrilled about, by the way (sense the sarcasm – next weekend’s post will address this a bit further). In consequence, this is probably the last time I’ll move house (aside from moving out) for a while, which makes me a little wistful, to be honest. But I suppose if I don’t have to spend months searching for where to live for the following year, I might have to put that time into pursuing other, possibly more productive, pursuits… we’ll see.

One thing I’m infinitely glad about, though? After this year, I’ll never have to deal with student landlords again! If you’ve experienced it, you know. If not… be glad.

Have you got any moving-house stories? Let me know!


This post is slightly different, because it’s been written over three days – as those three days happened. I thought I’d take you on the journey with me. Enjoy!


12:04pm. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m starting this blog post sitting in Starbucks once again, much like on Wednesday, (still no food in the flat) except today is Friday. To be more specific, it’s Friday lunchtime and I’m eating a surprisingly delicious salmon bagel in here in somewhat of a hurry because IT IS SUCH A BUSY WEEKEND.

My lectures finished yesterday evening and I’ve got my train home tomorrow morning, so today is my day of getting absolutely everything done. I’m talking all the household chores, packing, returning books to the library, and – most importantly of all – renting a house! That part took up all of my morning, from walking to a second viewing to going all the way down by the city centre to the agency to book it (that was about a four mile round trip), but I now officially have a place to live come next September. What a relief.

So, now, I am currently waiting for one of the friends I’ll be living with to come meet me so I can pass on some sheets for signing to her before she goes home, then I’ve got to hoof it to the library (half way across campus from here) to give another friend the same sheets (and return the library books) before she goes home. Then I have the delightful task of figuring out how to pack enough clothes, shoes, various other sundry items and all my study things that I’ll need before I go home. And I need to be able to carry it all… I shall keep you updated.

Ooooooh, I’ve just remembered I need to file a maintenance request in my flat about the shower… damn it… I’ll do that later. To the library!

15:44pm. I’ve seen both the friends, returned the books, returned to the flat and have almost finished packing, and it’s about blooming time. My gym clothes are apparently determined to stay too damp to pack for a while yet though. Oh well. I can’t believe it’s getting dark already, there’s still so much to do! *yawns*

18:54pm. Dishes, hoovering, everything but the bathroom… finally done. And, much like lunch, I have nothing in for dinner either so I’m eating a cheap pizza from Lidl. The rest of my evening will consist of a) cleaning the bathroom, and b) writing my book! No rest for the wicked 😉

By the way, my gym clothes STILL AREN’T DRY. It’s been 24 hours since I washed them, come on already!



07:39am. I am currently standing outside reception waiting for a taxi! I had such a struggle getting everything into my suitcase (those pesky sports clothes just about dried) and getting it down the stairs.

08:35am. I have made it onto the train, at long last. It doesn’t leave for another ten-ish minutes, but can I just take this moment to say OH. MY. GOODNESS. (Once again). It’s so much like a flight but better, and I even managed to book a seat with a table and plug socket, and there’s onboard entertainment!

I’m typing this on my laptop, with full intentions of writing my book on the journey, and watching Beauty and the Beast on my phone. I can’t think of anything else to say but OH. MY. GOODNESS. Best journey ever.

09:18am. This is great. Every journey should be liked this. It’s extremely foggy outside. But now someone’s about to sit next to me… oh dear.

17:27pm. Good news is nobody ever came to sit next to me! My train arrived early, so I found my dad waiting for me in Euston and we sat in Starbucks for just long enough to let some of the crowds pass. Then it was the Underground to Barnet, then he drove us from Barnet back home. I actually arrived home around one, but I was literally only there long enough to distribute some belongings around the house (isn’t that what every student does when they arrive home?) and eat some bread for lunch before it was off out again!

This time it was to meet my two best friends in town, albeit quite briefly, as one of them was working in the café where we saw each other, the other was hungover, and I was kind of tired and in a hurry anyway. We had a short little reunion, then I had to go again, this time because I had absolutely no toiletries whatsoever at home and – also quite important – no pillows. I can now report I have both.


15:58pm. Hello again! The rest of last night was me being home for all of about an hour, then me, my parents and brother went out to an Indian restaurant for dinner. I hadn’t had a curry in so many months, I specifically asked we go there – but by this point I have discovered that my brother has, between late last night and earlier today, eaten all of mine and my mum’s leftovers. Nice to know some things haven’t changed in three months… I was quite tired by the end of it so pretty much just collapsed into bed.

Now though, I have unpacked, caught up on some Big Bang Theory and am at a friend’s house. I felt a bit odd waking up in my room this morning, partly because it didn’t really feel like my room somehow. I mean, I hadn’t unpacked by that point and half my belongings are still in Liverpool, but it’s been a significant three months. For one thing, because I’ve been working out, I am now distinctly taller than my mother! (I’m quite smug about that.) But I feel like it is probably time to end this blog post. I hope it wasn’t too clunky or boring, it’s just been a really long couple of days talking to a lot of people, getting a lot of things done, and travelling home.

So, with a raised glass of the non-alcoholic mulled wine I have in my hand, I shall leave you!

Katy x