New Decade, New Start

Yesterday was my twentieth birthday…ย Twenty. Wasn’t ready for that one. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been absolutelyย milking the “I’m still a teenager!” excuse over the last few weeks.

The day was actually surprisingly enjoyable. It didn’t rain (SHOCKER), I had cake for breakfast (told you I wasn’t ready for my twenties), and I went to the theatre. We saw a student production of Lord of the Flies put on by the university, which was actually really good. They moved the stage so it was sort of in the middle of the audience, which worked really well, considering the story is set on an island.

Regardless of all my not-a-teen-anymore-sadness, I’m determined to start off this decade the way I mean to go on. That means getting a hold on all of my work, getting writing done regularly, looking after my health (I’ve basically had an eternal cold since about six weeks ago, and I think I moved right from one onto another…) and trying really hard to stop procrastinating on Netflix as much.

But speaking of… how good was Stranger Things season 2?!?! Best thing to have been released all year.

I think I’m doing alright on the work front. Yes, I was supposed to have finished an essay this weekend rather than be about to start it, but other than that, I think I’m on schedule. And anyway, if I finish this essay tomorrow, it’ll still be a week-and-a-half early!

This week should, theoretically, be a productive one – one of my modules isn’t running because my tutor is away at a conference, and I’ve already done basically all of my module reading aside from one play. I thought I was alright at speed reading during year one, but I have seriously sped up this year! I suppose it’ll all be in preparation for third year. I plan to fill the time with blog planning, book writing, and cleaning the house. Oh, and applying for summer work! I’m hoping to get a position abroad, so wish me luck.

For now though, an essay calls…

Katy x


Buried in Books

Year two at university. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder than year one, but I definitely feel like I’m spending remarkably more time reading – which is saying something, considering the volume of it I did last year.

The good thing about this year is that I’m only doing three modules instead of four – which, theoretically, should equal the same amount of work, considering they equal the same number of credits. The great thing I’m finding about it, though, is that I have fewer deadlines than last year, and also my brain only has to cope with three sections of research and study, rather than four.

We’re six weeks into term now (seven if you include freshers, but who includes that?) and that means… READING WEEK! One of the great parts of an arts/humanities course is that the university seems to anticipate that by half way through the term, you’ll either be substantially behind on work, or looking at looming deadlines with dread, so they give you a week without any lectures/seminars and let you catch up.

Not going to lie though, this weekend has essentially been me and a friend lounging around the house (our three housemates were all elsewhere), watching Netflix and staying in our pyjamas for longer than is probably advisable. We were tired, okay?

But, I fully intend to make use of this reading week. I’ve got anย insane amount of reading for a couple of seminars the week after next that I’m determined to get through, I have an essay due in two weeks’ time that I want out of the way so I can work on other deadlines that week, I need to read a play for the week after next and do research for another deadline.

And it’s my birthday next weekend, which I’m trying not to think too much about because I won’t be a teenager anymore! A friend tried to console me the other day by telling me that various psychology studies believe adolescence lasts until you’re thirty. A different friend is feeling the exact same sense of woe because she turns twenty the week after I do. My parents think I’m being dramatic. *dramatic sigh*

Either way, it’s about time for me to get back to the pile of books and journals and research and notebooks sitting waiting for me…

Katy x

A Summer of Absence

This summer I think I uploaded a totally record-breaking one blog post (sense the sarcasm) back at the beginning of August. It seems –

Sorry, that sentence just got away from me as I looked up and saw a seagull land on the roof opposite, poop, and fly away. Let’s try again.

I was wondering for a lot of last year what would have happened if all the time I spent writing on this website had been channelled into writing my book. So I sort of decided to do that over summer. In numbers, it probably doesn’t seem like I was exceptionally productive, but I did get a significant amount of work done. I had hoped to get it done before summer’s end, which unfortunately has not been the case, but I am so confident it’s nearly there.

That wasn’t the only thing I did over summer, obviously. It was a fairly subdued couple of months, but I saw my friends from home, watched a few F1 races, had a uni friend come to visit, and went to my parents’ huge party near the end of August to celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversary.


I took a lot of photos, many of which I have been uploading to my instagram over the last few weeks. I applied for a lot of jobs, which – in-keeping with the last five years of my life – were pretty much wholly unsuccessful. Though I did manage to secure myself a job for term-time at uni, which I’m still really happy about; it’s the first time I’ve actually been successful with a proper job application. Competition these days is unreal. I daydreamed about moving into my new uni house, which is exactly where I am while writing this. We have a 5-bed house of girls this year, and I’ve already developed a bit of a fear of the huge, vicious-looking dog a few doors down.

I also started doing yoga over the summer. This is not really something I planned, but it’s something I’ve found to be an interesting experience so far. Like a whole bunch of other people, I like Yoga With Adriene’s videos on YouTube – being hypermobile, I’ve got to be somewhat cautious, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it. I have practically the worst balance of anybody I know, especially in the mornings, which is when I like to get my exercise done, so there have been some mishaps but I think I’m getting better…IMG_20170923_152431_835Now that summer is over, however, I am starting my first semester of my second year at university. I’ve made a bit of a start on my first couple of texts for English, which is cool. The first one seems to have a load of references to Greek mythology in it, which I think there can never be too much of! I’ve also decided to join the university’s gym this year rather than the one in town I was at last year; it’s more expensive, but I really want to use the courts & the other facilities besides the gym, and hopefully I can persuade some of my friends to come along.

And finally, the last thing is hopefully my return to this website after my summer of absence. I just wasn’t feeling inspired to write anything for it over summer; I can’t say I find life in my hometown to be particularly stimulating, but now I’m back on campus in Liverpool I’m looking forward to jumping right back in!


Katy x