A Summer of Absence

This summer I think I uploaded a totally record-breaking one blog post (sense the sarcasm) back at the beginning of August. It seems –

Sorry, that sentence just got away from me as I looked up and saw a seagull land on the roof opposite, poop, and fly away. Let’s try again.

I was wondering for a lot of last year what would have happened if all the time I spent writing on this website had been channelled into writing my book. So I sort of decided to do that over summer. In numbers, it probably doesn’t seem like I was exceptionally productive, but I did get a significant amount of work done. I had hoped to get it done before summer’s end, which unfortunately has not been the case, but I am so confident it’s nearly there.

That wasn’t the only thing I did over summer, obviously. It was a fairly subdued couple of months, but I saw my friends from home, watched a few F1 races, had a uni friend come to visit, and went to my parents’ huge party near the end of August to celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversary.


I took a lot of photos, many of which I have been uploading to my instagram over the last few weeks. I applied for a lot of jobs, which – in-keeping with the last five years of my life – were pretty much wholly unsuccessful. Though I did manage to secure myself a job for term-time at uni, which I’m still really happy about; it’s the first time I’ve actually been successful with a proper job application. Competition these days is unreal. I daydreamed about moving into my new uni house, which is exactly where I am while writing this. We have a 5-bed house of girls this year, and I’ve already developed a bit of a fear of the huge, vicious-looking dog a few doors down.

I also started doing yoga over the summer. This is not really something I planned, but it’s something I’ve found to be an interesting experience so far. Like a whole bunch of other people, I like Yoga With Adriene’s videos on YouTube – being hypermobile, I’ve got to be somewhat cautious, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it. I have practically the worst balance of anybody I know, especially in the mornings, which is when I like to get my exercise done, so there have been some mishaps but I think I’m getting better…IMG_20170923_152431_835Now that summer is over, however, I am starting my first semester of my second year at university. I’ve made a bit of a start on my first couple of texts for English, which is cool. The first one seems to have a load of references to Greek mythology in it, which I think there can never be too much of! I’ve also decided to join the university’s gym this year rather than the one in town I was at last year; it’s more expensive, but I really want to use the courts & the other facilities besides the gym, and hopefully I can persuade some of my friends to come along.

And finally, the last thing is hopefully my return to this website after my summer of absence. I just wasn’t feeling inspired to write anything for it over summer; I can’t say I find life in my hometown to be particularly stimulating, but now I’m back on campus in Liverpool I’m looking forward to jumping right back in!


Katy x


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