5 Simple Activities to De-Stress

Hello again! Today I want to talk about five simple things I do that I find really calming, often therapeutic, and which just generally help me de-stress. I have done all of these in recent weeks!

1) Play catch

Find a friend, find a ball (tennis, stress, rugby or other), and a place outside. The rules are simple: talk about whatever you like, while throwing the ball between you. I specify talking because it’s one of those strange situations where you’re not entirely concentrating on the conversation, because you’ve got to keep watch for the ball, and this tends to make it great for venting.

2) Have a picnic

I think this is another great one – I actually had a really impromptu picnic with a friend recently in the evening. We walked out of the library at 6pm and the square outside was so sunny, now that the days are significantly longer, so instead of heading home we bought a load of food from Tesco and stayed there until we got too cold as the sun went down. Again, just about taking time out, and particularly time away from screens – my lifestyle means I spend an enormous amount of time stuck inside working on computers.

The site of many picnics & spots of relaxation

3) Do a face mask

Again, something I did recently for the first time in MONTHS. I honestly haven’t done a face mask the entire time I’ve been at uni, which is awful of me, but I decided it was finally time. It’s just nice to take care of your face, especially if you wear makeup a lot. Plus they always look a bit ridiculous, and who doesn’t need a laugh?

4) Cook something healthy

Putting effort into your food can easily be something we neglect to do, so occasionally it’s really nice to just take your time, start from scratch and make something nutritious. You can’t beat a good homemade meal, and the process can be really calming.

5) Take one thing you’ve been putting off because it’s not a top priority, and do it.

From painting your nails to mowing the lawn (not that I actually have any grass to mow, but you get me), the background jobs and treats can be just as important as the big things, and getting them done is a huge stress reliever.

Let me know if you do any of these, or if you’ve got any other things you do to help de-stress! Another thing I would say, if you’re a student, is to take advantage of anything your school/uni/institution runs! Liv Uni just had Wellbeing Week, and I went to the falconry display they had on Tuesday. They even had a puppy room on Monday. Best uni ever.

Katy x


One thought on “5 Simple Activities to De-Stress

  1. For me, if I’m really stressed (which didn’t happen in a good while), I either try to listen to music, or find something to watch on Youtube or from my collection of documentary videos, or play with my inflatable toys.

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