The Seventh Time.

Breathe and count to ten.

Today has been one of those days. Wherever I looked, things went pear-shaped. Along with all the difficulties that come with ~being a woman~, I’ve had stress from this group project I’m doing, think I’ve come down with something, and more.

The “more”, in case you wondered, included another near-miss with bird poop. So far that’s 3 actual poops, and 7 near-misses on my score sheet. Pigeons really hate me.

Literally nothing of today went to plan, and I can tell you that with 100% honesty. I was also supposed to be going to a summer formal run by the history society tonight, but instead I am sitting on my bed with a big bag of popcorn and writing this post.

Don’t get me wrong – out of all the possible endings for today, this is the one I like the most. It’s good to be selfish sometimes, and I’ll be honest – a large part of me agreeing to go out tonight had little with me actually wanting to. Nights out aren’t really my thing. I find them draining more than anything else.

I feel like on the whole I’m good at managing when things go wrong. I do very much believe that you’ve just got to accept that it’s gone wrong, and reason what the next logical step is. But every once in a while you just feel exhausted, especially if it’s been an entire day of it. I am very much hoping that once tomorrow is out of the way, my week will start looking up again.

As for right now, I’m going to eat a bit more popcorn, shimmy into some jammies, and read a book. That’s my idea of a perfect evening, really. After the way this week’s been going, I deserve it.

See you on Thursday, by which time today will hopefully have shrunk to the back of my mind and be out of the way. Here’s to popcorn.

Katy x


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