Like A Dream

Sometimes I feel like as my university life and my home life are so far removed from each other, that whenever I’m at one, the other feels like a dream.

Especially university. At Christmas I thought that if it wasn’t for social media, I’d not quite be able to believe that it was real. I’ve been home for two weeks and I’m slightly more aware of the reality of university this time, but it feels distinctly weird knowing that when I go back, I’ll only have six weeks before I’m home for the summer.

Is that weird? I mean, during the semesters I’ve not actually visited home. My parents have only visited once, back in October. I think it’s hard to conceive of both lives at the same time, because it does feel like two different lives – the one where I’m an independent-living degree student who goes to the gym and has lectures and lives up north… And the one where I’m living at home, feeling a bit aimless, under the watch of my parents.

I wonder if this is a common feeling. I mean, it is a weird thing, having half your possessions in one place and half somewhere hundreds of miles away. Having double the amount of toiletries so that you don’t have to cart them back and forth, you can just have one set there and one here. Having two places of residence with two different social circles and occupations.

Also, it’s true what they say – coming back feels far more weird than leaving ever does. If you don’t visit home all that frequently (or at all, in my case) for three months at a time, you get used to it. To be thrust back into the life you had before, for anywhere between three weeks and three months, is very strange.

That’s partially why I’m quite glad for the work I’ve got to do for uni. It’s like a reminder that I am actually achieving something, and I’m not just aimlessly in the same place I’ve always been. Not to mention that I do honestly enjoy my degree – it may be tough work, but it’s work that I find interesting. For the most part, the assignments I have are ones I like.

Let me know below if you’ve experienced anything similar – if you’re familiar with the feeling of this double life… And, finally, please go follow me on my socials!

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