Day to Day #2

Today is exactly half way through my time at home over the Easter break, and so far it’s not been anywhere near as productive as I’d have liked. I don’t know what it is, but I really hate working at home – I usually end up staying in my bedroom at my tiny desk (which is actually a dressing table and my chair doesn’t even fit between the legs). I find it really hard to get into the mindset of being productive while I’m here.

What have I managed to do so far? I’ve met up with friends twice. We’ve had a party for my brother’s birthday which involved a heck of a lot of cake. I’ve reread Heart of Darkness, which I did read a few weeks ago but I did it so quickly I had literally no memory of it. I’ve read a few journals about Heart of Darkness, none of which seem to be particularly helpful for the essay I’m writing. Oh, and I had a haircut.

So far, I haven’t managed to make it out with the camera. I have done some workouts, but not as many as I should’ve. And I haven’t even opened the book I’m meant to be writing.

BUT I mustn’t let this all get me down. Eleven days is a long time to have passed, but it can be a long time to go, too. Tomorrow I’m going shopping with my mum, and on Thursday I’m going to Kew Gardens – where I actually will take photos – and then I’ll have from Friday to the following Saturday relatively plans-free.

Although I might meet up with some friends for the F1 race again. Some things you just have to do!

I think one of my problems at the moment is that everything I need to do is sort of muddled in the back of my mind somewhere, so after I finish writing this I’ll probably go and make a proper list of what needs doing and when. I feel a bit like I’ve been thrown a curveball though, as I’ve just found out when my exam dates are for this semester – thankfully they’re not until the end of May, but still.

Another thing that’s been playing on my mind is that I really need to sort out healthier breakfasts for myself at university. I’ve been thinking this for a while, but it’s really something I should sort out. My issue is that because of various dietary things, I can’t do the standard granola and yoghurt, or whatever. I’m thinking I’ll try to make healthy pancakes from time to time, eat apples more (they’re my go-to fruit alongside grapes), and maybe Ready-Brek. I can eat that one.

I don’t really have much else to say today! I’m sorry if this has been a bit boring, I just wanted to get something up. I probably won’t be posting on Thursday because I’ll probably still be in London, so this is kind of it until Saturday. But hopefully that one will be a good one!

If you feel like helping a gal out, I’d appreciate a good ol’ follow over on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook… I promise my posts are usually better than this. Thank you muchly!

Katy x


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