There’s a lot of negativity around at the moment, and there has been for a good couple of years – bad political climate (let’s say no more on that), fearful international scene, lots of internet trolling… And I’m still swamped in deadlines, so I thought I’d just write something that focused on the positives. Here’s some things I’m looking forward to at the moment.

1: Beauty and the Beast!

I know this came out two days ago, but I haven’t managed to see it yet – if I’m lucky I’ll see it this Friday. But doesn’t it just look great? I keep watching cast interviews and they all just make me smile so much. Disney films like this are just so full of happiness and such a lark, I’m so excited to go see it.

2: Women in the Director’s Chair

This is another thing happening this Friday! I’m going to an event here in Liverpool which is four hours long and all about networking with media people. I don’t think it’s got much to do with the blogging scene, but there’s a few film and TV companies there and it’s all about inspiring women to go for these roles and positions. I’m hoping to write up a blog post about it afterwards!

3: Beekeeping!

Our student guild has a beekeeping society and keeps some hives on the roof, and a few times a year they provide the opportunity for students to experience beekeeping for an hour. I’m going towards the end of this month with a couple of the people I’ll be sharing a house with next year and I am so looking forward to it. Bees are so cute, and so vital to our entire ecosystem, and I’m all for it. You know what they say, after all – no harm in trying something new.

4: Seeing my friends at Easter

By the time I go home in April, as I’ve mentioned recently, it’ll have been basically seven months since I saw my best friends from home aside from a quick couple of hours at Christmas. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see them properly!

5: The moment my deadlines are done.

I can date this one: this Friday at 2pm. By that point, my #5Weeksof5Deadlines will be officially over! Then I can have a little breathing room at long last.

6: Eating chocolate at Easter

I mean, it’s no different from eating chocolate normally, I guess… but the chocolate’s just that little bit cuter, really, isn’t it? Gotta love Easter chocolate.

7: Taking photos!

Quite a vague thing, but I’m planning on going around and taking more photos over the next couple of months where possible, just because I can really. If I’m bored over Easter when there’s not a tonne to do (with working friends and the lack of a job of my own), I think I’ll endeavour to just head off somewhere and take some shots.

So there you have it, there’s some things I’m looking forward to in the near future! Yes, I acknowledge three of them all happen this Friday. It should be a great day for me! What’s keeping you positive right now?

Katy x


2 thoughts on “POSITIVE THINGS!

  1. I love happy lists like this, I do one every Wednesday! I can’t wait to see Beauty and the Beast. I’ve such great things and I just love Emma Watson. You sound like you’ve got some lovely things planned and I agree I can’t wait to see my friends at Easter.
    Kate xx

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