Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like whatever I do, nothing is ever done, and I think it’s partially because of the lingering effects of winter, and partly because my degree involves a lot of continuous reading and essaying, as opposed to short tasks that I can actually do in one go. Whatever I finish, there’s always more I could do. Obviously nobody likes feeling like that, so here’s my new tactic: instead of “to do” lists all the time, I’m keeping a “have done” list.

I guess you could call it a diary, or similar to one of those “one line a day” books, but I like that this isn’t something someone printed for a purpose. I’ve taken this lined notebook, which I bought for no reason other than it was really pretty, and every evening I’m going to take it, write the date, and list whatever I’ve done that day.


Boring stuff, eventful stuff, noting down how many pages of Hamlet I might have read, literally anything. Small achievements, big achievements, whether I met a deadline… Whatever tasks I’ve done that day.

It’s probably not going to have sentences. I feel like most diary things have sentences. This isn’t one of those.


But I think it should be good – whenever you tell someone else what you’ve done today, it always sounds like more than you thought, so I figure doing this will just be telling myself. One of the things I hate the most is wasted time, which is why I hate feeling like I’ve not got anything done, so if I see it all written down… Maybe that’ll help! Plus it’ll be cool to have something to look back on for certain things.

I still need new post ideas, so feel free to suggest any… Otherwise it’s back to googling for ideas because I’m cool like that. See you on Tuesday!

Katy x


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