5 Easter Goals

This is my ninth week back at university since Christmas, and so it’s sort of at the point where because everyone has deadlines, all they’re thinking about is Easter. Or more to the point, the Easter break, which is three weeks long for us. (At this point, Easter eggs have been on the shelves since January, and I’ve already had at least two.)

As there’s three full weeks at Easter, I figured I’d plan out what I’ll do to pass the time. I actually don’t have a job to go back to at home (see last week’s post for more on that), and all but one of my coursework deadlines are before the holiday, so it seems I’ll need a plan to make the most of the empty time. Here’s what I hope to get done.

1) See my friends!!

Probably one of the most important things I’ll do over Easter, in all honesty. My two besties from home both decided not to go to uni and are effectively working full-time now. One of them’s working in London, and the other in a café, but their hours seem to not leave a great deal of time to spare… At Christmas, due to a variety of factors, I didn’t get to see them more than a few hours total, which means we haven’t actually properly hung out since early September. That’ll be seven months by the time I go home. SEVEN.


2) Blog planning.

Something I’ve been going on about lately: my posts seriously need some planning time. I did this in January and it lasted me right through to last week… the last couple have been rather on-the-spot. Over the break, I’m hoping I’ll get enough planned to help me through the final six weeks of the semester – which may sound too ambitious, but it’s eighteen posts’ worth… I’m thinking it can be done.

3) Get a headstart on my work.

If I’ve got three weeks before the second part of the semester, I’m sure as hell gonna try my darnedest to get through some of that reading/revision/final piece of coursework. Anything to minimise stress once I’m back.

4) Write (and possibly finish) my book! Also another incredibly important thing to me. I said last week that it’s so close to done (the first draft is anyway), so I’m going to spend a lot of time on this. I can’t wait for the moment it’ll officially be The End. I’m sort of already planning the next one, which is annoying me because I want the first to catch up. So yeah.

5) Do something that gets me out of the house…

Essentially, my town is boring. And I’m not spending three weeks shut in my house. So I plan to go back to Kew Gardens, maybe do some shopping in nearby towns far more interesting than my own, and I’m definitely going to keep up some exercise. I won’t have access to a gym at home, but I think there’s some weights in the house, and I’ll run around the lakes, and probably a few YouTube workout videos. Who knows where else I might end up, as long as I’m out!


Katy x


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