Day to Day #1

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling kind of “meh”. Not really sure how else to describe it. I rolled slowly out of bed, sluggishly got ready and wasted some time, then shuffled off to my seminar. I actually apologised in the seminar for how useless I was that morning, but the cogs simply weren’t spinning.

When the seminar finished, I walked down the stairs and out of the door, turned the corner, and walked into the sunlight. It was one of the first times the sun had properly been out this year – not just peeking through a cloud, not a five-minute window of brightness, but the sun had actually come out, and the sky was blue. And at that moment I remembered – February had ended! It was March: a new month, a new season.

I think February must surely be one of the most universally disliked months – it’s dark, dreary and wet (at least in the UK, anyway), there’s no Christmas lights, the new year excitement has long since worn off… Either way, it’s definitely my least favourite month, so when I realised it had finally ended I was instantly excited.

March means many things: I have four deadlines on four consecutive Fridays starting on the 10th, and quite a few events coming up – two of which are tomorrow, and I may have a blog post about them coming on Thursday. This is also the run down to the Easter break: I’m going home on the 1st April, which will be a full 12 weeks after I came back to uni, and I’m so excited to be seeing my friends from home again. Plus I can finally get my hair cut.

March also means we’re getting somewhat scarily close to the summer break, where I am in desperate need of finding something to do for three months. Over the last couple of days I’ve really been trying to find anything that will save me from working in a clothes shop -internships, summer camps, anything. It’s quite hard to find something that works with a humanities degree sometimes, because you search for “summer intern” and it comes up with a tonne of banking, accounting, finance, law and business management summer associate positions.

As such, I’ve been updating my LinkedIn profile and stalking far too many websites. I want my summers at university to be worthwhile experiences, not just three months stuck in my hometown wishing I was anywhere but. I’m determined not to waste my time. Incidentally, if anyone knows of any positions within the media/publishing/travelling/editing/anything-like-this area I could go for, do let me know… But that’s a long shot.

Meanwhile, I seem to have run through most of the blog post ideas I planned at the end of January – there are a few I just haven’t gotten around to writing yet, but it’s definitely time for another planning session. I’ve got a few drafts which are just stuck to time constraints, like posts about events I’ll be going to, or one that I can’t even start until September (look forward to that one, if all works out it’ll be a series of posts about a sort of experiment with a friend). But other than that, I definitely need to set some time aside for this. Posting three times a week for the last month has been a lot more rewarding than I’d have thought!

I think that’s almost all I’ve got to say for now, though I will just mention that this post does say “#1” in the title for a reason – I’ve added a Day to Day section to my blog, where every now and again I’ll just post something like this, a general life update type of thing. I quite like relaxed posts like these, a bit rambly, just talking about what’s going on. Let me know what you think.

Happy springtime!

Katy x


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