Stepping Stones & Statues

This Saturday just gone, I finally went to Sefton Park for the first time since I arrived at university. It’s one of those places people always tell you you should visit and I’ve kind of nodded along like “yes, I’ll go at some point” but been too busy to go (plus winter weather… not always great). But I woke up that morning and it was just so sunny outside, and I finally had the option of taking a day off essay writing, so I grabbed a friend and off we trotted.

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Sefton Park turned out to be about a 40 minute walk from my flat, but I was glad for the walk. Despite being here since September, I’ve yet to really branch out into different areas of the city, so it was fun to have a look around and go off in a direction I hadn’t before. Plus, the walk there was actually a lot prettier than I expected. Some of the houses were a bit of an illusion; they looked super thin from one angle but it was only because they came to a narrow corner. Reminded me of some West End buildings in London, actually.

The weather the whole day was absolutely gorgeous, and as someone who finds the winter darkness really quite difficult, I couldn’t have been happier about it (despite being of Irish descent and so, of course, got burned).

Our day at the park essentially consisted of ambling around, eating food and taking photos. It was seriously needed after the stress of the previous few weeks, that’s for sure! I brought my mini-speaker with me, so when we plonked ourselves onto the grass for a while to read (yes, yes, we still did uni reading, but it wasn’t much) we listened to a bit of Imagine Dragons – praise be to Spotify premium, which I did have on a 3-month 99p deal but have just purchased a contract to…



I grew up in a town a little above London and around the corner from my house was a place we all referred to as “the lakes”, which I later realised that to every other person in the country this meant “the Lake District”, but it was basically a big park of open fields, hills, too many rabbit holes to count, and two large lakes. As such, I’ve sort of been accustomed to having wide open space near me, so this was really nice.

I would say that the park could do with expanding their Oasis Caf√©, however. It seemed rather bizarre to have people queueing far beyond the doors and extremely little space inside. But it didn’t matter too much – we’d brought food with us for lunch on a bench overlooking the water, which was so nice.


If you get a chance to go to Sefton Park for an afternoon, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s much bigger than I expected, and there’s no hint of being in a city! It’s like its own little world inside those gates.

Katy x

Women in the Director’s Chair

I disappeared for a week! Sorry about that. It was an impromptu break, and completely unintentional. All that really happened was I had a lot of work to do and not a great deal of time to do it – I was also really tired last week so it was all just a bit stressful. But back to it this week, and onto brighter things!

Last Friday I visited Blackburne House, here in Liverpool, for an event called Women in the Director’s Chair. It was an opportunity to network with a few women who had broken into the media industry, in whichever shape or form, and to learn how they did it and what opportunities are available to women in the industry nowadays.

Blackburne House itself (visit their website here) boasts a history of being a girls’ school before being converted into the Women’s Technology and Education Centre in 1983. Ever since, it’s been a place for women interested in technology and its related areas to go for assistance and advice on how to enter their desired industry/positions.

The event lasted four hours, and began with a panel where the women introduced themselves, and told their story, and that was followed by a Q&A session and then a workshop. It was a really interesting morning, and it was really inspiring to see so many women together, all determined to break into the media industry. There were people who wanted to go into acting, into directing and producing, into writing – loads of things.

The Panelists:

  • Jessie Aru-Philips, a video journalist for the BBC
  • Chelsea Slater, from Liverpool Girl Geeks
  • Rebecca Ross-Williams, Creative Director at the Everyman Playhouse
  • Amy Bowden, actress

A lot of the advice given was simply to be persistent, and to be proactive. Contact whoever you can, whether they know you or not. Essentially, don’t ask, don’t get. All the speakers agreed that the worst that could happen is you sent along an email and it never gets read, or gets deleted.

Personally, I think the event was great even just to see so many women who weren’t prepared to be told that they couldn’t do something because of their gender or their background. There were schoolgirls, uni students like me, women in their twenties and upwards. And despite somewhat shocking statistics about how few women are in positions like director, producer, and even writer when it comes to the West End shows, I think everyone came out of it feeling really positive.


Katy x


There’s a lot of negativity around at the moment, and there has been for a good couple of years – bad political climate (let’s say no more on that), fearful international scene, lots of internet trolling… And I’m still swamped in deadlines, so I thought I’d just write something that focused on the positives. Here’s some things I’m looking forward to at the moment.

1: Beauty and the Beast!

I know this came out two days ago, but I haven’t managed to see it yet – if I’m lucky I’ll see it this Friday. But doesn’t it just look great? I keep watching cast interviews and they all just make me smile so much. Disney films like this are just so full of happiness and such a lark, I’m so excited to go see it.

2: Women in the Director’s Chair

This is another thing happening this Friday! I’m going to an event here in Liverpool which is four hours long and all about networking with media people. I don’t think it’s got much to do with the blogging scene, but there’s a few film and TV companies there and it’s all about inspiring women to go for these roles and positions. I’m hoping to write up a blog post about it afterwards!

3: Beekeeping!

Our student guild has a beekeeping society and keeps some hives on the roof, and a few times a year they provide the opportunity for students to experience beekeeping for an hour. I’m going towards the end of this month with a couple of the people I’ll be sharing a house with next year and I am so looking forward to it. Bees are so cute, and so vital to our entire ecosystem, and I’m all for it. You know what they say, after all – no harm in trying something new.

4: Seeing my friends at Easter

By the time I go home in April, as I’ve mentioned recently, it’ll have been basically seven months since I saw my best friends from home aside from a quick couple of hours at Christmas. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see them properly!

5: The moment my deadlines are done.

I can date this one: this Friday at 2pm. By that point, my #5Weeksof5Deadlines will be officially over! Then I can have a little breathing room at long last.

6: Eating chocolate at Easter

I mean, it’s no different from eating chocolate normally, I guess… but the chocolate’s just that little bit cuter, really, isn’t it? Gotta love Easter chocolate.

7: Taking photos!

Quite a vague thing, but I’m planning on going around and taking more photos over the next couple of months where possible, just because I can really. If I’m bored over Easter when there’s not a tonne to do (with working friends and the lack of a job of my own), I think I’ll endeavour to just head off somewhere and take some shots.

So there you have it, there’s some things I’m looking forward to in the near future! Yes, I acknowledge three of them all happen this Friday. It should be a great day for me! What’s keeping you positive right now?

Katy x