Skills I Wish I Had

We all have those things we wish we could do, but can’t. Here are some of mine.

Playing the guitar

This is something I’ve wanted to do for so long now – I’ve played piano since I was seven (although infrequently over the last two years due to tendon problems, A Levels and now living without access to one) – and I did actually get an acoustic guitar when I was about eleven or twelve but never got the hang of it. Guitar lessons were a bust as the teacher was bad, and the tendon problems I already mentioned lasted through almost all my teenage years, so I’ve never managed it.

To do presentations with confidence

I really think this is something that nobody truly believes they can do, and it’s just an illusion to the audience that the person speaking seems confident… but over the years I’ve done a lot of presentations. Mostly just ones in classrooms, if I’m honest (what other opportunities do most teens have to present?), but my first one was about age seven. My dad spent five minutes showing me how to use PowerPoint and I was off. And I think that was probably the most confident I’ve been doing presentations – it sort of went downhill from there… I’ve been getting better, I think, as I’ve improved controlling my nerves overall. Exams used to make me so nervous I was almost sick, but last month I walked into them smiling and clear-headed. But presentations are still a WIP.


One of my best friends is absolutely frigging amazing at sketching, right – her doodles are works of art. So much so that during A Levels, I developed a little collection of them, and they’re still on my desk at home. And most of the time, I’m not bothered about my utter lack of artistic skills. I don’t think I’d find much time to draw in amongst everything else. But the ability to do so would be nice… especially when trying to visualise things I’m writing about, just to play around with different ideas and suchlike.

Sending Emails without Cringing

If you know somebody (or are somebody) who can easily type an email, and press that send button without any hesitation whatsoever, I salute you. I can’t think of any method of communication that’s more awkward. Maybe it’s a younger-generational thing, because emails are sort of in the background for the most part, usually just serving for promotional things… but then you have to send one and you can’t be as informal as a text, it’s weird if you write conversationally, and then you end up going uber-formal. What makes it worse is you’ll write it like a letter, paragraphs and all, and in return, a professor will write “Sure, that’s good. -Lauren (Sent from iPhone)”…

Be Bilingual

wish I was bilingual so bad. I’d love to be able to switch fluently between the two, it’s something I’ve always thought was a skill worth learning – and the only reason I didn’t continue French onto A Level was because I was terrified of the speaking exams, which were bad enough at GCSE. I still plan on learning more French in the future, because I would really like to be at least at a good level, even if not fluent.

Katy x


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