Weird Flatmate Stories!

Most people, when arriving at university, end up rooming with strangers for at least the first year. I know elsewhere it may work slightly differently, but here in the UK you tend not to have an actual ‘roommate’, as in sleeping in the same room, but halls and flats are pretty common. And usually, in this situation, you end up with some strange stories about the people you live with.

I’ve been living with my current flatmates since September, and I’m not living with any of them next year. But I definitely have some weird stories. I have one other girl and three guys in this flat, and there’s not really all that much we have in common. For the sake of privacy I’ll call them by their rooms: we have rooms A-E, and I’m in room D.

The Tale of the Melted Fork

This happened roughly halfway through the first semester. I was washing some dishes in the kitchen sink, and Room A guy came out to put something in the oven. Except he opened the oven door, reached to put the dish in, and then said a slightly confused, “What is that?”, and put the dish back on the counter. We both looked into the oven to find what appeared to be a luminous green puddle of something at the bottom of the oven, and the same luminous green dripping down through the two shelves.

Given some prodding and scraping (oven turned off, obviously), we figured out what it was. Essentially, it turns out that Room B girl is afraid of shiny metals, and so uses luminous green plastic cutlery. Clearly earlier in the day she’d used the oven and somehow managed to leave a piece of cutlery in the oven which proceeded to melt. It was surprisingly difficult to remove from the oven shelves…

The Tale of the Reclusive ‘Shy Maths Guy’

‘Shy Maths Guy’ is the nickname I first gave the guy in Room C. He moved in after the rest of us, over half way through freshers week, so the rest of us had already been introduced. I briefly met both him and his mum when they were moving things into his room, and the sum total of what I learned from that meeting was his name and that he was here to study maths.

So, the days went by, and about a week later I’d not seen the new Room C guy since he moved in. I was talking to Room A guy, and it transpired he’d actually not even met him once yet. We first just put it down to shyness, and maybe he was nervous about living in a new place with new people. But weeks went by. Then months. Since he moved in, I could probably count the amount of times I’ve seen him on two hands. I honestly don’t know how he manages to avoid us so much, but clearly he does.

What’s more, we don’t even know what he eats – besides potato waffles and occasionally something resembling breaded chicken/chicken nuggets. He never seems to have any dishes, or anything in the fridge. It’s just really weird.

The Tale of the Snails

This is another about Room B. Apparently there’s a part of our tenancy agreements for this flat that we can’t have any pets whatsoever, but for some inexplicable reason, Room B girl decided to bring her two giant snails. This was kind of amusing at first, but then last semester they laid eggs. A lot of eggs. And these eggs ended up in a jar of soil in our freezer. It was weird, but what’s weirder is that she currently has no idea what to do with the hatched snails and at this moment has 67 – yes, sixty-seven – snails in her room. They’re apparently growing quite fast, so all I’m hoping is that I don’t end up waking up to a snail on my face (or anywhere else).

The Tale of the Chicken & Rice Continuum

Room E guy. Possibly the most ‘normal’ of my flatmates, but he has a weird food habit. Occasionally he does different things for dinner, and I’ve actually noticed that since we came back after Christmas he’s done this slightly less (possibly due to the chock-a-block nature of our one shared fridge), but he’ll cook a whole pack of cubed chicken and a substantial amount of rice one evening, then split it into four or five microwaveable containers and shove them in the fridge. Then he’ll just microwave them for dinner throughout the week.

This probably doesn’t sound like the weirdest thing, but it’s always the same exact meal. And he’s a lad who goes to the gym a lot, from what I gather, and they just don’t look like big enough portions. It just seems strange to me. But, whatever works.

Anyone else got any weird flatmate tales? Let me know!

Katy x


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