25 Odd Facts About Me

Hello! Today I thought I’d share (as you can probably tell from the title) a few things about me/my life that might be either weird, interesting or possibly amusing. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1) The first time I ever drove in daylight was the day of my driving test.

2) I prefer driving on motorways to normal streets.

3) The first time I ever drove on a motorway my dad didn’t tell me that’s what the turn off was for off the roundabout because he didn’t want me to panic.

4) When I was a few months old I had to go to hospital for dehydration and spent the night on an IV sleeping on my dad’s chest.

5) I’ve broken the same toe twice in my life, the first time on a slide, and the second time the hospital nurse broke it for me.

6) I found out I was hypermobile at the age of seventeen and retrospectively my life made so much more sense.

7) I didn’t understand the majority of things I watched on TV until I was about twelve, or maybe slightly older. Reruns are fascinating as a result.

8) For some reason, whenever I sit an exam I get a runny nose. Ew.

9) In one nine-month period when I was 10/11 years old, I had emergency plastic surgery, then crutches, and then stitches.

10) Yes, I had plastic surgery – and no, it was not a voluntary choice because…

11) … I fell off my bike, landed chin first and effectively smashed my jaw in. On my mum’s birthday. Oops. Sorry mum.

12)  There’s a muscle in my chest that I cannot currently use properly because I’ve had tendon problems in my arm for so many years it’s forgotten how to work.

13) I can tell you from experience that ‘boob growth spurts’ are a true and real thing, and they are painful.

14) You won’t catch me out and about without at least one piece of food on my person or in my bag.

15) I got a bad haircut aged twelve that took me six years to fully grow out.

16) I hate having long fingernails – as a pianist/practical person, I find it really annoying. They have to be short.

17) I have a really bad habit of forever walking into door frames with my elbows and shoulders.

18) I don’t know how I do it, but my knees are never not bruised.

19) When I started working out at the gym, I stretched out almost an inch in height because of improvements in my posture.

20) I’ve been published in a science journal with an article I wrote in half an hour while procrastinating homework, written about light bulbs and the environment.

21) People almost never call me by my actual first name – it might as well just not exist at this point…

22) My preferred sort of fairy lights are single-colour, not multicolour.

23) If your fairy lights flash like sun through trees while driving on a summer’s day, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, SIR. I really hate that.

24) To me, the phrases ‘pet peeve’ and ‘bug bear’ are exactly what they mean.

25) Small children scare me because they’re little impish gremlins who can’t communicate and are somehow always sticky. It really creeps me out.

Katy x


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