The Return of the Blog!

Hello and welcome to… the return of the blog! (And a very late happy new year to you all.) I feel like it’s been way longer than a month since I last posted on this blog – and a lot of things can happen in a month, it turns out!

What have I been doing since the 24th December 2016, then? Well, I woke up on Christmas morning with flu, so that was fun. It hung around for a long time, too. Either way, a couple of days after Christmas I spent a day with some extended family on my mum’s side. Then my parents, brother and I went on a trip to somewhere around Newcastle over new year and saw some other family while we were there. We brought in the new year in quiet style, amidst my pesky illness and exam revision – #livingthehighlife over here.

By the time we came back I had a couple of short days to say hello and goodbye to my best friends from home before and after their work days before I returned to uni on 7th January! Since then, I have spent an inordinate amount of time split between procrastinating and revising in the library, as I had three exams. I visited the BBC (blog post to come), started a bullet journal (thanks to a combination of a five hour car ride and Buzzfeed articles), completely failed at managing to work on my book until the other day, but did spend some time at the start and end of January planning blog posts! Oh, and I had some family come visit me this weekend just gone, too.

So it’s been busy, and admittedly somewhat tiring. I’ve not managed to make it to the gym anywhere near as much as I had intended because of the amount of revision I was doing, but exams are over – Monday marked the official start of my second semester at university and I am ready and raring to go. I’m really happy about my new modules, which include Shakespeare, the English Civil War, and the Atlantic World since 1400. I’ll admit, studying a different Shakespeare play each week will likely be a challenge, but what would life be if it was easy?

Looking ahead, however, things should be good (fingers crossed). My new years’ resolutions are basically starting now, with my new semester, so from now I am hoping to upload on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 5pm! I’m going to aim to go to the gym three times a week minimum too, and lessen the amount of time I waste distracting myself from the work I want/need to be doing by watching Netflix (or other such services). My bullet journal and new uni routine (which involves getting up at 6:15am everyday, call me insane if you will) should hopefully keep me afloat…

So there you have it. I have officially returned and I’m really excited about it. But for now, that’s about the end of this post, so I will be back on Saturday with another!

Katy x


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