Work, work, work… (and freedom!)

Phew. What a week it’s been. This last week has probably been one of the most productive I’ve had in a while – it’s just been work nonstop! I had my final essay of the semester due on Friday, which I had known was coming for a long time but because of other things I only managed to start it on Wednesday afternoon. Surprisingly, though, it was actually the easiest essay I’ve written yet, so I didn’t really mind the intensive day and a half I had to get it done.

Friday afternoon was great, though. I had a friend come round to the flat as all our deadlines were done and we basically spent the rest of the evening playing ping pong (we’re both terrible so it was hilarious), watching the TV down in reception (the first time I’ve seen one in three months), and then I cooked dinner while she somehow started a weird political debate with one of my flatmates and his friend… It was amusing to watch, I’ll tell you that much.

Despite how busy it’s been since last Sunday (Wednesday’s blog post was one I’d had stashed away for this month for a while, I didn’t have time to actually write one this week), it’s been a really good one. Last night I was up until about one in the morning just writing my book, something I’ve had very little time for in the last month, but I finally reached a part in the story I’ve been dying to get to for so long. Once this is posted, I’m going to do some study for a couple of hours and then back writing again, I think!

Today’s been a day of doing all those adult things that fall by the wayside when you study all day – dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, buying kitchen roll… Ooh, and I’ve started packing. On Saturday I’m going home for the first time since before the semester began! I’m having to get a train down into London, then my dad will meet me before we go on the tube. I’ll probably look ridiculous with a ginormous – and most likely ginormously heavy – suitcase, a rucksack and a laptop bag all on my own. Three weeks is a long time to pack for, what can I say…

Not that I’m spending that much time at home before coming back for exams in January. I’m spending about ten days actually at home over Christmas, but I have plans for most of those days already, then I’m in London for a day, then I’m going somewhere up north over New Year. I’ll be home for a grand total of two (maybe three) days in January and then back to uni! After that, I’ll likely not be home until early April.

Another thing that happened this week that’s pretty cool was getting an email about a trip to BBC Radio 3 in Salford in January, so that’s a thing – I can’t remember all the details about it, but a friend and I have each got a place on it. It’ll be in the middle of my exams but hey, what’s one day without revising… Just sounded like a pretty cool opportunity.

Anyway, I think that’s all from me tonight – I’ve got to go research William Wilberforce’s arguments against slavery, then read about an alternate universe Hitler and make dinner. It sounds remarkably odd when I put it like that, doesn’t it? Life is a strange thing. See you on Wednesday!

Katy x



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