Life Update

I’m sure all bloggers can relate to the moment you look at your phone, suddenly remember what day it is and then realise that the post you planned to have ready to post by now isn’t even finished. Yeah. That’s me tonight.

So here’s me making it up on the spot. At the moment, I am trying to focus on my two final deadlines of this semester: I have a presentation in one of my history modules on Tuesday, which is actually mostly done, and an essay due in on Friday for one of my English modules. That’s currently got a whole 83 words out of 2500 (she said, looking sheepish). I’m also reading A Man Lies Dreaming for the same module, a book by Lavie Tidhar – and I’m only 31% through on Kindle at the moment, so ought to get a move on.

One thing I can say about that book is that it’s simultaneously incredibly appalling, offensive, racist, sexist and anti-Semitic, yet also weirdly fascinating (all on purpose). If you haven’t heard of it, I would say to check it out – though probably it’s not for the easily-offended. And be warned, there is some graphic description of violence.

Anyway, I’m currently stumped as to what to do for dinner. I forgot to take fish out of the freezer early enough for it to be defrosted by now, and I don’t have much in the fridge – so it’s probably going to be either pasta with cheese or eggs and something. I spent most of today at the library so didn’t really think about anything more exciting.

What can I say that’s remotely interesting right now… hmm. I started trying to make plans to see a couple of friends over the Christmas holidays yesterday, and came to the conclusion that there is actually not a single day where we’re all free at the same time, so that’s been confined to trying to squeeze in evening meet-ups instead. Who knew social things could become so complicated once you left school? (Probably every adult ever, but I have only been out of school for six months…)

My flat isn’t feeling very Christmassy at the moment anyway – it’s got no festive decorations and I still haven’t managed to get an advent calendar. I completely lost track of November, and despite going into the city centre on both the 1st and the 2nd of December, I only found a £10 Lindt calendar and a Peppa Pig calendar, neither of which really appealed. So most of my Christmas feeling is coming from watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube while I work for the time being!

I’ve actually got some photos to sort through for a possible post about a trip to Bakewell I went on last weekend, though I’m not sure I got much while I was there – guess I’ll find out when I eventually get around to doing it. There’s a few posts I have got stashed away, one of which is already scheduled for later this month, but there wasn’t anything I could upload tonight – whether because they’re just ideas, or half-finished, or planned for a future date… Once this week is done, I’ll try to devote a couple of days to getting ahead of the game again, like I did over summer.

Sorry if this post’s been a bit boring, I honestly don’t know what to tell you – there’s not a lot going on other than reading, studying and wishing I had a proper baking dish for the oven and a new pair of glasses (not to mention needing another four knives because I keep losing mine). I’ll do my best to have a better one prepared for Wednesday!

Katy x


2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Personally I don’t find any blogs boring 🙂 I like reading over everyone’s snippets of their lives… maybe its because I’m still kind of new to blogs. I find myself opening up the WordPress app almost as much as Facebook these days. Anyway good luck getting ready for Christmas! 🙂

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