A Change of Plan

Hello again! It’s midweek, so the good news is there’s only two more days until the weekend… we’re over halfway there. It’s been my plan for a while now (*hem hem* – years) to participate in a year abroad while doing my degree. But, it seems the plan has changed!

I thought, coming to my university, that they offered a full year abroad for my course. It was what I was led to believe, anyway, but the other week I found out the most I could do was a semester abroad.Β This created a bit of a dilemma for me: it was annoying that the plan I’d had for so long was now no longer viable, but I’d never been certain about only doing a semester.

If I went for it, the option of studying in Canada would still be a possibility, and I guess all that would really change is the amount of time I got to spend there. However, I had quite specific reasons for wanting to spend an entire year of my degree there. A year (effectively 9 months and travel time) would have meant it constituted a smaller part of my degree, as a technical add-on. A year would have meant enough time to settle in and make friends, and to really explore the area of Canada I was in. A year would have been a great amount of time to spend somewhere I’d never been before.

A semester, on the other hand? Considering how I’ve only got another two weeks left of this semester, I just don’t think it’d be worth it. This semester has gone by so fast, I’ve barely even had a chance to explore this city, and I’m still getting to know people. To completely uproot my life for so little time, and only just feel settled in time to pack up and fly home again… it doesn’t seem like the best use of my time. Not to mention the fact that if I do a semester, it would have to add up to the same amount of credits as a semester here as it wouldn’t extend my course.

So, after a few days of umming and ahhing, debating with myself and a conversation with my dad, I came to a decision: not to study abroad. I’m not going to apply for it, strange as it seems to actually say it. It’s not totally surprising, if I’m honest – I’d always said I’d not likely consider a semester, I’d only go for a full-out year. My indecision came from the realisation it was a semester or nothing.

There is a logic behind my decision. If I choose to stay here at Liverpool, I can concentrate on getting the most out of my degree study-wise. I can now look at flat-sharing with some friends of mine – I’ve actually got a viewing tomorrow morning. I can consider working abroad during the summers, or perhaps find some work in London as my home (home home, not uni home) is actually just outside of London.

I still have intentions of travelling, and of spending time in Canada. Just right now, I don’t know when that’s likely to be. And I’m okay with that – plans change all the time, I’ve just got to go with it. I think if I were to do a semester abroad, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I should, but here I can make the most out of my time. It’s one goal that may take a little longer to reach, but in the meantime, I’ll just focus on others!

Here’s to making the most of the next three years!

Katy x


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