Cloudy Dreams

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After my post about weird thoughts I had as a child, combined with turning nineteen last week and finding it very odd that I’ve been an ‘adult’ for a year now, I was thinking about just how much I’m really not an adult… And then I remembered clouds…

I went on a family holiday to Madeira over summer last year, and honestly it was one of the best holidays ever. It’s such a beautiful island, and the people were all really nice, and basically everything was perfect for a photo shoot.





We stayed in a really beautiful hotel (though it was a tad confusing as you’d walk in from the street and then go down about sixteen floors to the ground level… it was on a really big hill) right on the coast, although let’s be real, it was a small island, so most places are right on the coast.

There was so much greenery around, it was beautiful. We explored some caves, took a cable car to the top of the island where it was about ten degrees cooler than the bottom, and we had an offroading tour of the island – definitely one of the top highlights.







When we booked the tour, which was one of the experiences the hotel booked for us, we weren’t actually aware that it was partially off-road. So when the guy came in his open-top Jeep to pick us up, along with a couple of other people, we didn’t really think much of it. But when he suddenly turned from the road up a short, steep mud track into the trees, we were a little taken by surprise!



We saw some truly stunning scenery and the weather was gorgeous, as it was for the whole week, really. And these aren’t even a fraction of the amount of photos I took, let alone any that my dad took – he’s really into his photography. Anyone who knows me knows that the sun is really my best friend, despite how much I don’t tan, and there was so much sun shining down through the open top that I had a sunburned thigh for the next three months.

Totally worth it.




Eventually, we reached one of the highest points of the island, where there was a lone restaurant ready to serve us lunch. I can’t for the life of me remember what the fish I had was called, but it was absolutely delicious and one of the best meals I’ve had eating out. Maybe it was the altitude talking, but still.

Being at one of the highest points, the weather was quite susceptible to change – and this is where my inner child appeared. I’d finished eating, but we still had some time left before we all got back in the Jeeps for the final part of the tour, so I thought I’d just look around.



Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only photo I have of it as it suddenly descended on us from out of nowhere, and I wasn’t going to waste time trying to get the perfect photograph of it when I could seize the opportunity to do as my childhood-self would have wished, and chased it instead! I kid you not, I got up from the table fast as a flash, ran up a little hill and danced around in a cloud. It was glorious. I was grinning like a buffoon. My dad has a video of the cloud coming on, and he turns the camera and suddenly you just hear a squeal and I run past, completely oblivious.

I like to think that any person when presented with this situation would do the same. Or, at least any person who isn’t really boring… It gave my parents a laugh at any rate. And I’m not ashamed to say it’s one of my favourite holiday memories. Forget ideas of being a princess, running through a cloud was my childhood dream.

Katy x

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