Who do I Want to Be?

The question I’ve always asked myself is “what do I want to do” rather than “who do I want to be”. And the answer to the first has always been pretty obvious. So, presented with this alternative, I found myself wondering what the alternative answer should be.

I’ve never really strived to be anyone other than who I was. Who I’ve been at different points in my life has changed, like everyone else. Thus far, I’ve sort of let life lead the way. If I think about who I want to be, it’s difficult to say, because there’s no one category of person I could give you.

I’m an ambitious person, and a pretty determined person – and I don’t want that to change. I couldn’t give up my independence, it’s just not who I am or ever will be. But I’d like to be a slightly less pessimistic person, maybe. I want to be a person people can rely on, a person people can confide in.

I want to stay a person who knows what they want. To be a person who won’t lose themselves trying to please others – something I think I’m pretty good at already, to be honest. I’m already someone who honestly doesn’t mind if you like me or not, and not in some emo way or something, I just know that it’s human nature to get on with some people and not get on with others. There are plenty of people I don’t like. Personalities can conflict and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I want to be someone who never forgets the value of creativity and imagination. Creativity is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind.

But above all, I do just want to be myself. That’s really the best thing any of us can be – what’s the point of trying to be anyone else?

Katy x



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