My Parents Came to Visit!

Last week, my parents came to visit! I hadn’t seen them in six weeks, and I won’t see them now for another seven(ish) weeks when I go back home for Christmas. As my mum works in a school at the moment, she was on half term, so it was a fairly good time for them to visit.

A lot of people by this stage in the year have been back home to visit, maybe even multiple times, but I haven’t – partially because it’s a long train ride home, but also because frankly, I haven’t missed it what with all the excitement of being in a city. I’m not heartless though, I love my parents and I still miss my friends.

So, when my parents texted to say they were driving up to the car park on Wednesday evening, I’m not ashamed to admit I ran out of the gate (with difficulty, it’s a heavy gate) to hug my mum. Plus, they came with unforeseen gifts – who couldn’t love it?

I swear they literally brought me a complete haul – food, clothes from home, a new tote-type bag, and even early birthday presents! I haven’t opened them yet – thought I’d save them for my actual birthday as I’m not going to be home for that. Weirdly, I was probably most excited about the wooden chopping boards; after six weeks of using flimsy plastic ones that have broken already, this was sweet relief.

We went shopping on Thursday, which was great because earlier last week I noticed that my main everyday shoes were falling apart (hole in the heel, toes coming apart, that sort of thing) and while my parents were on the four-hour drive up here, I bent down to the oven and got a ginormous hole in my jeans… it actually did make the strangely satisfying yet simultaneously horrifying ripping sound as the seam tore apart. I was glad I was the only person to witness that particular moment.

In the end, they bought me two pairs of boots which were both – *mutters* – quite expensive… so didn’t get a replacement pair of jeans. I’ll have to buy those some other time. We had breakfast and dinner out together (I had a seminar around lunchtime and a lecture at five so they had to occupy themselves for that time), which was really nice. Plus, free food, so… that’s always great!

We also saw Keywest in the city centre, which was cool

It was a bit of a shame they couldn’t come up on a weekend instead, as I had to duck out and go to two lectures and a seminar while they were here, but I think we made quite good use of our time together. It’s sort of strange when you’re away from your parents for that long for the first time but I don’t feel homesick or anything – especially as there’s always Skype and WhatsApp!

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have to say today – been busy reading up about fascist Italy and communist Russia recently, so not much to tell! But there’s much excitement to be had over the coming months, so stay tuned 😉

Katy x


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