How to Survive Uni!

So this post kinda snuck up on me. I’ve got a cold, two essays I haven’t started yet which are both due Monday, so much reading to do, a meeting to go to when this is scheduled to upload, and I’ve been meaning to do a room tour-type post for about three weeks now but still haven’t taken the photos! But nonetheless, a blog post shall happen – and what more appropriate topic than how to survive days just like these?

1 – Create Your Own Timetable

This is something I’ve only just done really, because I decided I wasn’t getting enough done. I’ve just made a colourful table of my week – when my seminars are, when my lectures are, when I go to the gym, when I know I should be in the library and so on… It’s pinned up on my noticeboard by my bed, and basically it’s just something to make me feel guilty if I’m not doing what it says. The freedom of uni after the packed timetables of GCSEs and A Levels is great but kinda weird.

2 – Designate Social Evenings

Tuesdays, for me, are the busiest day of the week. I have the gym in the morning, a two hour seminar over lunch, and a lecture from 5-6pm. In between, I’m mostly at the library or somewhere else working, and my day is often twelve hours long. So, Tuesday evenings are Tuesday Pub Nights, where after the lecture, a bunch of us go and find a pub or cheap restaurant somewhere and get a cheap meal as we can’t be bothered to cook. It’s definitely something that helps survive the longest day of the week!

3 – Keep a Diary and Lists

I actually use a combination of diary, wall planner (a ginormous sheet with the whole uni year mapped out so I can visually see what I’ve got going on), and an app called My Study Life. The diary is great for notes, lists, and whenever I’m out and about, the wall planner is great for an easy visual, and My Study Life is something I used all throughout A Levels. I wasn’t certain I’d need it going into university so I took it off my phone, but recently re-downloaded it to help me keep track of all my tasks and assignments! Believe me, having them written down in order of when they’re due is the absolute best thing for organisation.

4 – Use the Pin Boards

Most university rooms will come with at least one pin board in the room, and these are brilliant – make use of them! I have two, so one is where I’ve pinned up various vouchers, the campus map, a list of where to find things in the library, recipes… basically all the important, functional stuff. The other one is where I have some decorations, like postcards, some photos and a ‘have fun at uni’ card from my parents, that sort of thing. Pin boards are so good for making your room look more yours.

5 – Join Societies!

I’m currently a member of five, one of which is the student newspaper (the one that has the meeting today). I’ve already got one assignment for it – I’ll be seeing a play at the theatre a couple of streets away later this month and reviewing it with someone else. I’ve joined the film society because apparently they show films at the student’s union building twice a week, though I’ve yet to go. Basically the societies give you a chance to think about things other than your degree, so definitely join them.

6 – Exercise

I’m one of those people fully on board with the “exercise makes you feel good” wagon, and I joined a gym at the end of freshers’ week. I go three times a week (though not last week as I planned to go on Sunday but only crawled into bed at 4:15am…) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. As an early riser, I aim to be at the gym for 7am, and it’s great if you schedule it into your week because soon enough your body will begin to expect it and it’ll make it far easier to go. It’s all about the abs, people.


So, that’s it for this blog post – sorry if it seems rushed (because it basically is), but thanks for reading and I’ll see you Sunday!

Katy x


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