I’m writing this on the actual day of posting – not because I’ve fallen behind or anything, I’ve still got posts in the stash for uploads, but I just thought it would be quite nice to write this one today. It’s a sunny day, I’m in a good mood, and I’m feeling productive!


Today’s just been one of those days where I felt just really happy. I’ve not actually seen any of my flatmates over the weekend, I think some of them have gone home for a couple of days, but it was actually really nice to have a day of exploring and exercise and reading (I’ll be doing more of that after this goes up, gotta finish reading Genesis for a seminar on Thursday) on my own. I’m one of those people who’s always been quite independent, and finding my way around a new place was just really charming and actually really satisfying.

It’s now been two weeks exactly since I moved out, and a routine has gradually fallen into place. This morning I had my alarm set for 06:23 (yes, I know it’s a Sunday…), rolled out of bed and trotted off to the gym. It was really brisk; I could see my breath on the way there and back, but I had a good old gym sesh for about an hour. I actually managed to snap off an earbud from my earphones while on the treadmill, and I actually don’t know where it went – and I don’t mean that the floppy end bit you can take off to change sizes, I mean the entire earbud, speaker and all. It’s clean gone.



I have obviously been doing a bit of shopping since I got here, mainly food and drink and necessities like that, and two jumpers last week, but the need for socks quickly became apparent when I realised that as I’d taken most of my favourite socks from home, the very fact that they’re my favourite meant they were actually all super worn! So I decided it was about time I explored the actual city part of the city, rather than just the local area.

I started out searching for Primark, and happily found it and proceeded to lose myself (literally – I had no clue where I was) in the streets once I’d bought my socks, a new gym top, and a beanie hat. The last two were sort of impulse buys, but also quite needed… it’s much colder up here than in London!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve actually chosen an amazing city to spend three years, the city is so nice, and I just spent about three or four hours exploring the shops and the area. I found a gorgeous little ethical gift shop, as well as a massive Waterstones and John Lewis in this sunny, open-top shopping centre.


At the point where I really had no idea where I was, other than surrounded by lots of shops, I found a really big HMV – something that’s kind of disappeared from where I live back home – and found earphones! In the end, I bought a pair of Urbanista Rio earphones, which are made with sport in mind so they’re waterproof and have a really weird (but pretty damn comfortable) shape of earbud. I literally just tried them out for the first time while writing this and damn that sound is smooth! I pressed play and my jaw just dropped.

All in all, it’s just really nice to finally be in a place like this, where it’s so totally different to my hometown, and for the first time I can do what I want when I want. This time in my life is just exactly what I’d hoped, and today really sort of cemented that for me. I’m relishing the independence of having to rely on myself for everything, and the novelty of being surrounded by completely new people.


Catch you next time!

Katy x



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