Demon Road | FBS4

FBS is back! I haven’t done one of these for a while… This one is all about Demon Road, by Derek Landy – the first of a trilogy. I’ll admit, I haven’t yet read the other two of the series, which I believe were both released within the last year, but Demon Road was the first book I read on my new Kindle I bought the other week.

Landy is the man behind my first Favourite Books Series post, with another series of his – and being so familiar with those books, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this. What I got was both pleasantly unexpected and also exactly what I’d hoped for. I wasn’t prepared for how well Landy would switch from the familiar Irishisms of his Skulduggery Pleasant series to the distinct American nature of the Demon Road trilogy, but it was quite admirable.

In terms of the storyline, I didn’t really check what this series was about – I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading many blurbs or reviews about books these days – but I was aware it would probably have fighting, monsters, and hopefully some sassy characters. Yup, yup, and yup.

The book is (spoiler-free description) about a girl called Amber who reaches her sixteenth birthday (why is it always 16?) and discovers her parents are demons, and so is she. And she’s very suddenly forced to flee with people she’s never met.

I found the whole premise of this book rather unexpected, it isn’t really anything I’ve seen in other books before, so it was quite exciting to meander into this world and this strange situation. It’s certainly an interesting angle on family relationships…

There was one character in particular I’d grown to really like and their fate was a bit displeasing, but that’s the joy of books. It’s also part of the joy of creating characters, getting to choose exactly how they turn out.

In the end, I didn’t manage to read this book all at once. I started it the week before I came to uni, and meant to read it that week, but I got most of the way through and then life rudely interrupted and I couldn’t for about another week and a half. It was fine though, I finished it the other night and hadn’t really lost place. Landy’s one of those writers where it’s quite tricky to really lose where you are in the novel.

Anyway, that’s about all for now – sorry it’s a bit of a rushed post today, and sorry it’s a day late. I have lectures from 5-6 on Thursday evenings now, so my upload days are now WEDNESDAY and Sunday at 6pm. This is just an outlier! 🙂

Katy x


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