My Freshers Week

My freshers week at uni has been the strangest week I’ve had in a very long time (in a good way!). I didn’t really expect freshers week to be exactly as everyone tells you to expect it – you’re told to expect the strangest things, and I didn’t really anticipate it happening, but indeed on Monday morning, I was meant to meet someone outside my block but I wasn’t quite ready, so ran down in my slippers – and almost literally ran into a guy standing outside, hungover in his dressing gown.

Honestly, I wasn’t aware of being nervous/anxious about going to uni at all. It was all just like a matter of course, something that was meant to happen. I mean, it was a plan 15 years in the making, so it wasn’t like it was unexpected. And I’d had nigh on 3 months to get sick of wasting time over summer.

Actually, I was ill for the three weeks preceding moving to university – first my acid reflux was seriously playing up, then just as that started easing off, I was put on seriously strong antibiotics for two badly infected bites, and they messed with everything about my stomach, and I’d just about recovered by moving day. So, as you can probably imagine, I didn’t really feel up to going out for the first couple of nights.

When I went out on Tuesday, it was to a really weird club – it was my first experience of clubbing, coming from the quiet emptiness that is my hometown, and let’s just say I hadn’t been expecting statues of gorillas, elephants, a bouncy castle, and quite that much sweat.

…Or a crazy drunk ginger chick. I’ll not elaborate on that one.

Nor did I expect the sheer amount of people hanging around the uni campuses with bags of vouchers for food – got free pizza! – or the volume of McDonald’s customers at one in the morning.

Moving to a city has been a bit of a shock to the system – where I’m from, there’s nothing but a couple of pubs filled with middle-aged patrons open past 9pm, so the town centre is always dead – and here, there’s people all over the place all through the night. I sort of expected it, but then didn’t at the same time.

The lectures I’ve had to attend this week have been all very introductory, getting you ready, meeting your advisors-ish, and I’m really looking forward to actual lectures and seminars starting. I’m looking forward to the work starting!

I did a bit of exploring the libraries on my own – unfortunately, the library I’ll need most is the one furthest away from me – but they’re pretty cool. There’s one room in the library nearest where I’m staying that looks like your stereotypical, old-fashioned, dark wooden, musty study room and I love it – I’ll probably end up studying there even though it’s not where my books will be. At the library I need, there’s rows and rows and rows of movable bookshelves, where you turn handles and shift the shelves side to side and walk in the gaps between.

Near the end of the week I ran into someone from my secondary school/sixth form I just left, who’s actually going to the same uni I think (or one of the schools round the corner from it at least), which was quite amusing.

Come Saturday, most people were hungover, so I stayed in for the morning and then went out about midday. The central library in the city centre was so cool! Way better than our local library at home! It even has a dedicated reading room which is so beautiful, it’s crazy. If I’d had access to any of the history books they have during my A Levels, my work would have been so much better.

And today, I finally went to the gym for the first time (I say finally, it’s only been a week and I only booked the membership on Wednesday). Having not had a membership before, I’m not sure how to use most of the machines yet, so I just used the treadmill, bike and cross trainer. I’ve got an induction scheduled for Thursday morning which should help me out… I also finally took the rather large collection of recycling from the kitchen/my window and took that out. The plan was to get some washing done, now that I’ve located the laundry room, but reception was closed so I couldn’t pick up my Amazon pantry order.

(Yes, I ordered my washing powder online. I am too weak to carry it back from the city centre, okay? I also ordered other heavy things. Don’t judge me.)

Honestly, this week has passed in so much of a blur, it feels both like I’ve been here no time at all and like I’ve been here for weeks already. Picking out my soon-to-be favourite study/writing spots has definitely been a pastime! Here’s to the weeks to come 🙂

Katy x


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