I Hate Phones…

I’ll be more specific: I don’t like phone calls. I’ll happily text someone. I’ll happily WhatsApp someone. I’ll happily use my phone to do internet things, like check the news, or go on twitter, maybe use the ‘notes’ section for whatever purpose. I love my little (large) smart phone. It’s just the phone’s original purpose, the notorious phone call, that I have issues with.

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Primarily, the people that actually want to talk to me, like my friends, generally just want a conversation, and we just use a messaging service. My parents (and mainly my mum) are the main people who actually ring me, and I don’t really have a problem with that.

These days though, we live in the age of cold calls and random PPI calls and “I’m calling about the home insurance you’ve never bought” calls. And I don’t really like talking to people unless I can see their face.

Yet, somehow, I spent three days making over 800 phone calls in the first few days of September. It was another temp job I got and I  was supposed to go for four days like before, but my acid reflux was playing up the whole of the week and I couldn’t work the first day for fear of throwing up at any point. Not fun.

Anyway, it was a weird experience. Being predisposed to dislike phone calls I was a bit anxious about it at first, and once I was over that it was just boring. It was telemarketing, as opposed to telesales, so I was trying to register people for an event which started on Sunday and ended on Wednesday. As it was so close to the event, most people I ended up calling either weren’t interested in going this year, or had already got their tickets. Oh, and about half of them just didn’t answer the phone.

Continuing with the weirdness of my call log, I ended up calling 3 people who were attending funerals at the time of the event, and one who told me they no longer ran the business we were calling because they’d become disabled and couldn’t do it anymore. Safe to say that wasn’t the nicest.

On the other hand, on my second day, I had five minutes left and called a guy who told me “I’m not in that business anymore, I’m moving to a monastery to become a monk!” Some people tell you the strangest things.

Either way, at least it was an opportunity to get some more money before I head off to university. It was actually a pretty good wage, but I definitely couldn’t handle doing that as my actual job, I think I’d go crazy.

I’m not entirely sure this post had an actual purpose, but I share my life on here, so I figured as this was something I did it was something I’d share. Any others out there who hate phone calls as much as I do?

Katy x


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