A Trip to Kew Gardens

On Saturday 3rd September, I finally went on my trip to Kew Gardens. I was given a voucher for free entry for two people for Christmas last year and was meant to go during August initially, but because of work and then results and being busy sorting out things for university, it didn’t happen. But, finally, I found a good time to go.

I was so annoyed with myself when I was about half way there (it took us not too far off two hours to get there, despite living just above London), because I realised that despite thinking about this trip for months and knowing I’d blog about it, I forgot my camera. I mean, it wasn’t a total disaster because I still had my phone with me, which has a pretty decent camera, but still. My actual camera would have been better, so if these pictures aren’t quite up to standard, please forgive me…



I decided to go with my mum, because we are quite close, and it seemed like a nice thing to do before I go to university and might not see her for three months at a time as I’m going 200 miles away, so can’t just pop home every other week. It turned out to be a really nice day, though it wasn’t the gorgeous sunny day we’d have had back in August, and it started raining towards the end of our day. But, to be quite honest, we didn’t mind walking in the rain.

IMG_20160903_133034Kew Gardens is, no doubt about it, beautiful. I didn’t really know anything about it before, but really there’s not that much to know – it’s a beautiful area in London full of plants from around the world, amazing trees, good food (though a little expensive) and makes for a great picture day. I’m not ashamed to say, the day did involve a little tree hugging, and we also named some of the more impressive trees – meet Cecil the Chestnut:

Cecil the ChestnutOne thing I really loved was that they have a lot of things around in support of bees, which are fast becoming endangered, and that’s not good for humanity or the planet. Plus, bees are so cute. They just buzz around, keeping to themselves unless they sense they’re in danger. Best rule when it comes to bees? Leave them to themselves, and you’ll get on great.

Plus, it was nice to see the gardens at the turn of the season; it’s just starting to become autumnal, the leaves are beginning to turn, and starting to fall. I feel like it’s the time when the colours are becoming really rich, but the temperature hasn’t fallen too much yet. It makes me excited for the two months to come, when the conkers drop and we can bring out the scarves and hats again, and I can finally start wearing rich autumn colours again.




The treetop walkway was brilliant – it was during this that it started to rain properly, and it got a bit blustery (I cannot use that word without thinking of Winnie-the-Pooh), which made the walkway sway from side to side without warning. It was fun to look out at the tops of the trees and walk through them. Trees look amazing from above.


So, that was my day. I hope you liked the pictures – I definitely recommend going to Kew Gardens if you get the opportunity. I know I’ll be going back; I really want to see the trees in all seasons, they’re so beautiful. And plus, it’s a place without all the litter or buildings of the rest of London. (You do get planes headed to land at Heathrow flying overhead, but it’s easily ignored.) I wish I could go towards the end of October, actually, at the height of autumn when all the trees will be shades of orange and brown… Oh well. I’ll definitely be visiting again at some point!

Katy x

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