New Ventures

Sometimes, my inspiration comes in spades. Most of the time, it just drips through here and there. The rest of the time it hides under the covers, lacking the self-confidence to admit it’s there.

Or that’s how I feel about my creativity, anyway. Sometimes I can write 10,000 words in a week. Sometimes I struggle to reach 100. Sometimes I have ideas coming at me left, right, and centre. Sometimes I have to desperately go searching to find just one. But lately, I’ve felt like some of the ideas I have, I’m trying to put into the wrong format – so I’m deciding to try something new.

In the past, I’d only really look for inspiration with the end goal of writing books. I still do that, I’m still writing a book and I want to write and publish many more in the future, but the way I look at my ideas and creativity has changed. When I started my blog, it was only because I felt like if I could set myself the challenge of writing something and uploading it twice a week, every week, I would get myself back to the person I had been a year earlier – more creative, more determined. I’d been going through a bad time.

I didn’t really anticipate the way it would change my ideas and the inspiration that came to me – instead of only occasionally stumbling across some meaty idea that I could cultivate and nurture and develop into a novel, I began to get smaller ideas. Maybe it would be a single thought, an observation or something similar. Some of these I’ve written and not published for you guys to see yet, but I will do in future.

Now, though, I feel like I need another option. I love my blog and can’t imagine not uploading twice a week anymore, just as I love having my larger projects, but there’s room for something else – room to keep random sentences that occur to me, lines I can’t shake but don’t know what to do with. I’ve never been one for poetry, but then something else seemed to fit perfectly – writing lyrics.

I am a pianist, though I’m definitely not a singer, and I have studied music theory in the past. Theoretically, I should have everything I need to write melodies and lyrics. I want to try it, at least. It was partially for this reason that I’ve got my old keyboard, the one I started playing when I was seven and desperate to learn the piano, out of the loft and am planning to take to university. I’ve never tried to write music or lyrics before, but it might be fun. I don’t know what I’ll do with them – maybe they’ll never see the light of day – but I want to venture into it and see what comes out.



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