Like thousands of others, I got my A Level results on Thursday – and I got into university! I’m so beyond happy about this, I’ve wanted to go to uni since I knew what it was, and it was such a relief not to go through clearing, which I was convinced I would have to. I didn’t get quite what I wanted – I got BCC, which was below both of my uni offers – but I was accepted by my insurance uni anyway, which was such a relief. I’m kind of apathetic about my actual results because it’s stunning how much the government has messed with the humanities subjects to stop top grades coming through, and they’ve messed with the Class of 2016 for five years now. I’m disillusioned.

But either way, I’m going to be studying joint honours English and History, which just sounds so perfect to me. I mean, I posted a few weeks ago about preparing for uni but now it’s all certain and I know which one I’m going to, and everything’s just so much closer now!

As it turns out, my Freshers’ week starts mid-September (I’d anticipated slightly later than that, because my firm choice had been late September) which means I’ve officially got under a month to go! I’ve still got a lot to sort out, but I met someone at the applicant day I went to months ago and I’m hoping we’ll end up in the same flat (there was a thing in the accommodation application that lets you ask for that). Turns out you have to get tickets for loads of freshers’ events and whatever, and I’m so confused about these, there’s so much to choose.

It seems there’s also a tonne of things to read, there’s so many documents they send you, and I’m still waiting for them to release the timetable for freshers’ week, but the whole of Friday I was just grinning – it took a day for me to kind of have everything sink in, because there was a lot in the way of confusion and phone calls and initial uncertainty on Thursday – and I know I’m just going to love it. I’ve barely stopped smiling since.

Apparently there’s loads of things no-one tells you and you pretty much end up finding out for yourself, like the sheer amount of things you have to do or apply for or buy or join or find out the meaning of. I’ve got a new uni email that they gave me and I had no idea how to log into it for about a day and a half, before I finally figured it out. And then there’s all the societies and students unions and I’m wondering about if they have a university newspaper and how I could get involved with that.

I’m completely over the moon about starting university, I’ve felt so stuck for so long now while I trawled through my final years of secondary school and sixth form, and now I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere and I can really get started with the things I want to do. I have my move-in date, I should find out where I’ll be living within the next few days… and my uni even has contacts with some of the companies I’d really like to intern with, it’s so perfect. I’m not even really that disappointed I didn’t get into my first choice uni because really, both of them were amazing, and like I said, I’ve already got a new friend at this one.

So, while I sit here with my School of the Arts pin badge they gave me in January for the applicants day pinned to my top, I’m gonna continue perusing all my forms and booklets and continue making my lists of things I want to do/get before I go, because I’ve barely even considered things to personalise my dorm room like posters etc., and I guess I’ll see you on Thursday! And don’t forget to check out all my social media accounts (the excitement was definitely clear on my twitter the past few days haha), they all have the same username, thekatybennett. I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat!



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