Book Haul!


Hey, how’s it going? I decided it was about time to start reading some of those books people buy, put on the shelves, and always promise themselves they’ll read one day but never do. Only problem was, I didn’t have any of them, so I thought I’d try to find them. I’m pretty open to where I get my books – I don’t mind Kindle books, when they’re cheaper and well-formatted, but I do prefer physical books. I like to buy from bookshops where possible. My compromise was therefore Waterstones’ Marketplace: I got all the books second-hand in very good condition, 78p each, and to be honest, the bulk of the price was delivery.

So, I bought four: Robinson Crusoe, A Clockwork Orange, White Teeth, and Oliver Twist. I haven’t had time to read them all yet (I only ordered them earlier this week), but I have started Oliver Twist and it’s turning out far easier to read than I had imagined. Not sure why, but I had the impression it would be one of those really difficult older books.

I’ll admit, a part of the reason I bought them is in the hopes I’ll get through at least a couple before I go to university. I’m so behind on summer reading. It’s also another good distraction from the dreaded day looming on the horizon (results day next week, the 18th). But on the other hand, I just felt like appreciating some good reads.

Have any of you read these? What are your thoughts? I’m interested to know.


P.S. Finally accomplished a good-looking flat lay background!


Leave a comment! I read them all :)

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