July Favourites 2016

I’ve had this post developing over the entire month, trying to note down everything I’ve been loving, because I’ve not done a favourites post in all the time I’ve had this blog. I figured I’d have a go. I have to say, I have been loving a fair few things since I decided to actually take notice.


1) My Mid-Year Diary

This is pretty much like my new best friend – I bought it at the very beginning of July, and it’s a full-page diary that began on 30th June, hence its thickness. Why have I bought a mid-year diary, you ask? Well, because now that I’ve finished school, I need something to organise my life and help me figure out what day it actually is. And as it’s summer, a mid-year diary seemed a good option. It goes through to August next year, at which point I’ll probably buy an academic year diary.

It took me forever standing in WH Smith to decide on which one to buy, and I had narrowed it down to two of them, but I did have to consult my friends on the basis that a 14-month decision should not be taken lightly. Yes, I take my stationery that seriously.

2) Golden Nuggets

That’s right: I’m 18 and I’m still digging a kids’ cereal. I don’t know why, but I just randomly had a craving for them – which is quite something for me, considering I haven’t regularly eaten cereal since I turned 13. They’re just like little balls of sweet childhood. (And that was a very weird sentence, let’s move on.)

3) DuoLingo

I love this app, it’s supposed to help you learn different languages, and I’ve been using it almost every day. I don’t know what I’d have thought about it if I was trying to start from scratch, but I did study French for GCSE, so I had the basics already. Obviously it’s now been two years since then, and I always missed it a bit, so this app has been great for that. It’s really simple and the best part is it’s free – completely – so you don’t have to spend way too much money. Oh, and it’s not just French (probably ought to mention that), they have loads of languages on there and you can learn as many as you like.

4) Spiral hairbands

These are, in my opinion, way better than conventional hairbands for those times you just want your hair out of the way rather than styled. They don’t constrict the blood flow of your wrist, for one thing (if there are any guys who are confused by that statement, ask a female friend). If you really like having a super-tight ponytail, these might not be for you, but I like them. I bought mine from Accessorize in a pack of 6 for £2.50, but you can find a two-pack on Superdrug’s website, and you can probably find them elsewhere or in Primark etc. I did have concerns that because they’re not covered in fabric, they’d pull my hair out like elastic bands would, but turns out that isn’t a problem, thankfully!

5) Running jacket & running trousers from New Look

I finally found a running jacket/sports jacket with THUMB HOLES. That might sound like a really weird thing to be excited about, and I probably ought to be more excited about the fact it has pockets, which my current one doesn’t have either, but I have good reason to be excited about thumb holes. I have really long arms (I think it’s really only me that notices this), so a lot of the time, the tops and jackets I buy end up fitting my body but not my arms, where the sleeves are too short. Or I end up buying things a size too big for my body but which have long enough sleeves. However with this, the sleeves are designed to be just that little bit longer and I love it.

The trousers are another new addition to my wardrobe, which match the jacket. I’ve got 2 pairs of running trousers but one’s my mum’s old pair that she never used and which are extremely uncomfortable (the crotch constantly drops every time I start to run and I end up yanking them up far higher than should be necessary every few steps – TMI?), and the other pair is only 3/4 length.


6) Oreo ice cream sandwiches

You all know how hot it’s been, does this really need an explanation? Ice cream sandwiches in general are my favourite way to eat ice cream, especially as I’m the weirdo who doesn’t like ice cream cones, and I think it’s safe to say that oreos need no justification.

7) Merlin (TV series)

Yeah, yeah, it ended four years ago. I don’t keep up very well, okay? But it’s on Netflix and it’s SO GOOD. Sometimes I feel like shows where there isn’t any modern technology are just so much better, because everything’s more people-orientated. Anyone else feel that way? I’m not saying that the rest of TV ever isn’t good, but it’s always refreshing when you can escape the 21st century and its bizarre nature. I finished watching it the other day and the last episode tore me up. It still hurts to think about. *sobs*

Image result for merlin

8) Halsey

I have no clue how I got around to listening to Halsey’s music, I think it may have been after I saw something online, but I’ve been addicted for the past few days. Her whole album, Badlands, is completely brilliant. I love her voice, her lyrics, everything.

9) Christina Perri

I loved Christina Perri since I first heard Jar of Hearts way back in 2010 or 2011, but kinda forgot after a while, and rediscovered my love of her (and particularly the album she released in 2014, Head or Heart) in July. Especially the song ‘The Words’, which is inspired by one of my all-time favourite TV series, Once Upon a Time.

10) Mini speaker

I bought this for £5 at Morrisons, along with my £3 earphones by the same brand (Mauvi), and it has surprisingly good sound. It’s titchy, collapsable, and looks a bit like an alien pod, but it’s quite charming really. There’s a small little wire underneath you plug into the earphone socket which tucks nicely away when you don’t want to use it. Needless to say, I’ve been listening to both Halsey and Christina Perri with it in recent days.


11) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

(Finally!) OK, so I only just got around to finishing reading it in early August, but it was released and I picked it up on 31st July, so it counts, right? But this is everything I had hoped it would be, and I looove it. I really wish I could go see the play in London, but it’s probably not possible right now. Tickets are so hard to get a hold of, and besides, if I’m not able to see it before university then I’ll be miles away from London and having to study. Grr. But either way, reading the script was still awesome. It’s still a great story, highly recommend – though I do have to admit, I did have doubts initially about a series being revived, what with all the dangers that comes with, but this is great.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

So, that concludes my first monthly favourites post! It’s one of those rare times the word count exceeds 1000 for one post, but I couldn’t help it. Hope it’s not too long…



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