My Inspirations

We all have people we look up to, for so many different reasons. I thought for a long time about who really inspired me, and why. I feel like I’ve always refrained from idolising people; I don’t believe in putting people on these pedestals when I know that in reality, they’re just people who have worked hard to do amazing things with their lives. But I do look up to these people, because they are amazing to me, and I’m going to try to explain why they inspire me so much. They’re not in any particular order, just the order I happen to be writing them.

1) Lilly Singh

Better known as IIsuperwomanII on YouTube, I was pretty late to her party. I sort of knew about her when her video about how YouTubers make money went around a lot, but it was much more recently that I saw others of her videos and became addicted.

Lilly is driven, ambitious, persistent, confident, persuasive, energised, determined and grateful. I feel like she has fully owned everything in her life, she completely deserves everything she’s made for herself, because she’s done exactly that – no-one handed her any of her success, she made it. She encompasses so many of the qualities I aspire to have.

I think I’ve said before (I might be wrong) that I admire strong people so much, and anyone who defeats the obstacles that head their way and refuse to take no for an answer when there’s something they know is within their reach. It’s brilliantly clear in her videos that she does exactly that, and her approach to life is incredible. Having her to look up to just keeps me so motivated and encouraged, and it’s just amazing. This video of hers is exactly what I admire about her.

2) Barack and Michelle Obama

I know I’m not American, nor do I live in the States, but I have so much respect for the Obamas. The fact President Obama became the first African-American President is, in itself, an inspiration, but throughout his whole presidency (I was eleven when he came into office) everything I’ve seen them do and say has been so positive. Barack Obama hasn’t just been a politician, he’s been a person doing his best to do things right and make things better for others. In any of his speeches it’s so clear he actually cares about his job and his responsibility, and it actually makes me sad when you can see how sad he is that the one thing he’s had the least success with in his years in office is gun law because Congress constantly goes against him.

Michelle Obama is an inspiration to me because she isn’t just the wife of a powerful man, but she’s someone who also has an amazing sense of responsibility, and she has campaigned for girls and education and equality and to make the world better for the entire time. She was already a lawyer before she met her husband, and I admire her so much for speaking out about everything she believes in.

Image result for barack and michelle obama

3) J.K. Rowling

You can call it as cliché as you like, but I was born in 1997 a couple of months after the first Harry Potter was published, and I literally do not know a world without the works of Rowling. Her life story is well-known, and I admire her for many of the same reasons as Lilly Singh: determined, didn’t stop at failure, didn’t stop at depression. Philosopher’s Stone was rejected a dozen times before someone gave it a chance, and it changed millions of people’s lives – it shaped millions of children’s lives, including mine. The HP books are intricately designed, so much hidden symbolism, and they are truly a work of art.

Image result for jk rowling

4) Demi Lovato

Again, Demi’s story is very public. But aside from the obvious, I admire the fact that when faced with the huge media attention surrounding her entering rehab, she didn’t just hide everything away from everyone. It must take so much courage to do what she did, and say yes, this is who I am, I have these struggles, and I acknowledged them and got help. I love how she didn’t feel like she was worthy of being a role model to other people because she wasn’t comfortable with herself, and so she strived to change that. And now she shows others it’s possible for them too. She made a huge comeback with a very personal, poignant song, and she embraced it all in her stride.

Image result for demi lovato 2016

This list is just a few examples, and is by no means comprehensive, of the people I look up to. There are of course so many other people who I think are so inspirational, for so many reasons, and listing them all would probably amount to something akin to a novel. At the moment, any time I feel dispirited or lack motivation, even one of Lilly Singh’s videos is enough to kick my butt back into gear. And having said my piece for today, I’m going back to writing my actual novel. Bye for now 🙂



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