5 Things that Make Me Smile

Hello again! I thought this time I’d write something simple, just 5 things that make me smile. Everyone could do with something to cheer them up some days, and these are five of mine.

One: Putting makeup on and wearing smart clothes. Or not necessarily smart clothes, just ones that make me look good, rather than wearing a baggy hoodie and trousers, for example. I always find that if I do this, and spend some proper time making sure I look nice, it just instantly lifts my mood. What can I say, it feels nice to look good. When you turn to look in the mirror and you can look at yourself and appreciate your reflection, it’s a good way to start a day.

Two: Laughing at ridiculous things. This might seem obvious, but sometimes we all just forget to see the funny side of life. And sometimes all it takes is just that small decision (which may seem like a hurdle at the time, it’s true), just to drag yourself out of a slump and decide to laugh at yourself when you drop your keys instead of have it be the thing that ultimately ruins your day.

Three: Deciding enough is enough. Of course there are important things in life that we might not want to do, for many of us it’s work, or meeting deadlines, doing homework, whatever else. But sometimes enough simply is enough, and when you reach that point, there’s no point in carrying on, so just stop. I always find stopping and pretty much just saying ‘to hell with it’ and doing something I actually want to do is the best thing to do, and it makes you feel so much better about life…

… Example? Usually I just end up writing something – back in early 2014 (a long time ago, I know) I was so swamped in oh-so important GCSE work and revision and essays and coursework and assessments – the list goes on – that I really reached the end of my tether one night. I’d opened my planner, taken one look at the pages full of deadlines and test dates etc, and decided that just for that night, none of it mattered. Instead, I decided to write something for a competition that my science teacher had persuaded me to enter while I was on prefect duty and couldn’t escape, and spent a good hour or so doing that.

(P.S. I won that competition. It led to me being published in a science journal by various international universities for the 2014 Easter edition. It was the first time anything I’ve written had been officially published.)

Four: A little retail therapy. I’m a teenager, about to be university student, so yes, money is always tight, particularly if you’re like me and still have to rely heavily on your parents. But sometimes, even a small thing can bring you immense happiness. I might go on Amazon and buy a new ebook, or go into town and get myself a new nail polish or lipstick. Just a little thing to bring me a bit of joy.

Five: Rolling out of bed in the morning, reluctantly shoving my sports clothes on, grabbing my phone and earphones, and heading out for a run. The only catch with this one, though, is that I have to do certain things for this to work. My clothes have to be ready in front of me, next to my bed, or I’ll just never work up the motivation. Any hesitation in putting them on is a straight-up killer to the remnants of that night-before inspiration. But it’s great when it actually happens! The exertion, adrenaline, endorphins… I’ve often heard running is a writer’s sport, and for me it is most definitely true.

So there you have it! My 5 things that make me smile. I hope some of you can relate to these; if so, let me know! The important thing to bear in mind is that bad days don’t last forever, so whatever you do, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel.



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