Am I an Adult Yet?

I’ve left school! Am I an adult yet?

Yeah, I turned 18 last year but still. The boundaries of school life… never felt like an actual adult. My last exam was the day before yesterday, and it went pretty bad, but then I went out to the cinema with friends and watched Alice Through the Looking Glass (which was awesome and amazingly colourful).

My idea of being an adult has always been some idea of having a job, a relationship, real responsibilities… something more like one of my cousins (most of them are older than me). And I know legally you’re an adult at 18, but I don’t think anyone really is an adult until wayyyyy later on.

At the moment, I don’t have a job. I definitely don’t have a relationship. There isn’t much in the way of responsibilities.

I can drive, but that’s not much of a development – I started lessons the day after my 17th birthday and passed four months later, so I’ve been driving for well over a year now. I don’t own a car, I just drive my dad’s.

Maybe it’s different for people who don’t go to university like I’m planning to, or people in more unfortunate circumstances… young carers are probably far more adult than I am, for instance.

Maybe it’s something to do with independence. I don’t feel like I have much independence. Living at home, relying on parents for financial support. I think once that’s gone, then I’ll feel like an adult, but just because I’ve left education? Nahh.


This is likely to be the last blog post until 30th June, because I’m going away for a bit! So no uploads the next Thursday and Sunday, but I’ll be back after that. See ya later!

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