Starcrossed | FBS2

The ‘Starcrossed’ series by Josephine Angelini

I can thank this trilogy for one thing in particular: sparking my interest in Greek mythology. I first began this series three years ago (I believe the books were published in 2011, 2012 and 2013), while I was doing my GCSEs. I think I’ve read the entire trilogy three times since then, partially because they’re easy to read, and partially because they’re just addictive.

I remember the reason I picked up the first of these books was because I was browsing the shelves, looking for some new material to spend some money on, and the cover of the first book seemed to stand out from a lot of the dreary covers on the shelf. Next, I looked at the blurb (as you do), and I was immediately intrigued – a lot of blurbs these days make the mistake of telling you too much, so you don’t really even need to read the book to know pretty much what it offers.

The blurb was as follows:

When shy, awkward Helen Hamilton meets Lucas Delos for the first time, she thinks two things: the first, that he is the most ridiculously beautiful boy she has seen in her life; the second, that she wants to kill him with her bare hands.

Long story extremely short, the Greek gods create a super amount of irony in their lives and it’s all a bit life-and-death for a while. A long while. If you’re not into that, fair enough, but I love a good life/death situation.

Being a complete novice when it came to the whole Greek mythology thing, Angelini (in my opinion, at least) manages to get the detail across in a way that makes it very easy to follow the roles of the gods, the roles of the fates and all the rest, without seeming to dumb it down too much, which I quite admired.

One of the things I love most when reading fiction, particularly when stories have a span longer than one book, is character development. If there’s no character development, I won’t keep reading it because it’ll bore me. People are fascinating, but not when they’re never-changing. Thankfully, the character development in this trilogy comes in heaps. There’s a lot of changeable relationship dynamics, a lot of personality development, and of course, a lot of the protagonist finding out who they really are.

If you go into the technicality of the writing style, it’s not the most advanced, but the books are easily captivating by the time you’re just a few pages in. And the first time you read them, there’s one particular plot point which will, I guarantee, drive you utterly crazy in just the way every bookworm loves. It’s one of those series where there’s always something that keeps drawing you back in, and it has juicy conflict at every turn, so it’s definitely one that I love.


If you aren’t sure what ‘FBS’ is, it’s my Favourite Books Series of blog posts, but I figured it would be a bit long to put that all in the post title! This is the second in the series, but there will be more in the future. Here’s the first, which has a better description (and my first entry, obviously!).

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