If Failure Wasn’t an Option

What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?

If I knew I would not fail, I’d be more adventurous. Largely, I try to act as if failure is irrelevant, because when you do fail, the best thing to do is to build from that point. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop in your attempts.

Despite this, there’s always that lingering feeling, that inevitableĀ fear of failure. So if I knew that wouldn’t be there, if I knew without a doubt that whatever I did I would succeed at… the first thing that jumps to mind for me is to be more daring. I’d probably try a lot of things on my own, like travelling.

But I think I’d do some of the things I’ve always imagined doing but never thought could be possible, like making a film. Writing & directing a theatre play. Play piano in front of an audience.

It’s hard to think what else I would do. I mean, without failure, the world is your oyster. But I don’t think I’d take the option if it was there. I think it would be cheating. If you take away failure, you take away half of the drive, and most of the satisfaction.

If you never failed along the way to success, then when you got what you wanted in the first place, it wouldn’t seem as big of a deal. I think part of what makes success so pleasing is that feeling of having overcome everything and feeling like you’ve beaten all those people who said you couldn’t do it, and all those doubts that crept unwanted through your thoughts.

A life where failure wasn’t an option would be easy, but easy soon becomes boring. And I am not one for the boring life.

Come at me, obstacles.


P.S. Credit to Sunday Scribblings for the post idea!


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