3 Super Easy Meal Ideas

Sometimes, making dinner is fun and it’s nice to put some effort in, but often it’s just a chore that needs doing. When it comes to exam time, or a particularly busy period, or just a long day, thinking about dinner is not what you want to do. But these three meals are all perfect for a lazy night, and completely adaptable. They’re literally only a couple of steps each, and all done in under half an hour. (Perfect for the student life.)

Pasta and Greens

Everyone knows how to cook macaroni, right? This recipe has very few ingredients:

  • Macaroni (or any other pasta, let’s be real)
  • Collard greens (otherwise known as spring or winter greens), just to add some veg
  • Butter or garlic & oil to cook the greens with
  • Philadelphia/other cream cheese

Step one: put the macaroni on to cook. Step two: cook the greens in a pan. Step three: when all is cooked, stir in the philadelphia and pasta with the greens until the cheese is melted. Et voilà! You can switch it up and use different flavoured cheeses too, as there’s that whole Philadelphia range now. My personal favourites are the original, the sweet chilli, and the garlic/herb.

This meal is just super easy for those brain-dead nights, which is why it’s one of my favourites. We always have greens, pasta, and Philadelphia in the fridge, so it’s perfect.

Cheat’s Pizza

If you’re like me and don’t eat meat, but you really fancy something that isn’t a plain old Margherita and really don’t want to make one from scratch, here’s the cheat’s way out – because it can be quite hard to find something in a supermarket sometimes, and this is much cheaper than getting a takeaway.

Buy a basic pizza, take it home, and before you put it in the oven, spruce it up a bit with whatever you have in the salad drawer or in the cupboard. I personally like to add some spinach (who needs a knife, just rip that stuff up and sprinkle it on), maybe some tuna, you could even put an egg in the middle if you want, to make it all Florentine. Do whatever. Go freestyle. Have fun. And done.

Halloumi Wraps

I love these. All you need are:

  • Some standard wraps
  • A pack of halloumi cheese
  • Some salad
  • Salad cream or houmous (or whatever condiment you like)
  • A griddle/grill pan

Just shove the sliced halloumi in an oiled griddle until it’s browned (this will likely get very smoky, you might want to open a window), then assemble your wrap!

This is extremely versatile; I often use bistro salad, houmous, spring onion, sometimes normal onion or whatever to put in my wrap alongside the halloumi, but you can honestly use anything in the salad drawer. Anything at all. Peppers. Cucumber. Spinach. Beetroot. Anything will do with halloumi, just try it! It will probably take you about five minutes to cook the halloumi and, what, two minutes to assemble the wrap? That’s definitely what I call an easy dinner.



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