I have just six days left at my school.

It’s a weird thought at this point, to have been in the same place for seven years and to only have six days left. It doesn’t actually feel like it’s happening, but I’ll only be coming back in for four exams, and a results day after next Friday.

Goodness only knows I’ve been waiting for this moment for far too long, but only because I’m a bit impatient sometimes. In reality, I’ve done everything on track. I think it’ll be weird to finally leave my school. It’s the place I found my real friendships, the place I found a lot of opportunities, and the place I grew into the person I am today. And I don’t think there’s a whole lot I’d change, all things considered.

Over the years at this school, I’ve had some really bad haircuts. I’ve had a lot of injuries, and a lot of arguments. I’ve accidentally lost a lot of weight and had to try to get it back. I’ve been on school trips to the Isle of Wight, Dorset, Norfolk, Paris, Normandy, Iceland. I’ve been published in a major science journal. I’ve been ill a lot of times. I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve grown about five inches. I’ve learned about history stretching from AD900 to 1991. I’ve learned more about rivers than I ever even wanted to know. I’ve cried, laughed, yawned, run, cried and laughed again more times than I could possibly count. I’ve spent weeks creating a digital app, got a Bronze CREST award for an essay, dressed up in weird clothing to do sponsored walks around the park, helped my friends get into and blow up sumo suits in our form room. I’ve been in the local newspaper. Joined a youth council and interviewed an MP. Written for a website (not my blog, another thing). I spent six months straight not having even one day wholly at home.

So yeah, I’m not gonna lie about it. It’ll be weird to leave. I’m not sure I’ll miss being here, in the sense that I’ve worked for so long with the goal of leaving, but I always say I’ll miss people, rather than the places. I’m grateful for the experiences, no doubt about it. Sometimes, I think my mum would have rather sent me to a different school, one that was a bit more up there in the local rankings, but I didn’t want to when I was 11, and I haven’t changed my mind. I know that my school is where I should have been, and now it’s where I should be leaving.

It’s nice to take a step back for a moment and think about all I’ve achieved in the seven years I’ve been here. I may only have six days left, but it is definitely time for it.



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