Summer Envy

If I had the chance, I’d definitely live somewhere with more sun. Living in England has its perks – London, the history, the scenery – but as someone who constantly craves Vitamin D, it’s not the best. I’m not sure for how long I’d live somewhere else… I’ve always thought about living in New York for a time (not that I think that’s any sunnier than here, it’s just an amazing city I’d love to experience), but not indefinitely.

It’s days like these (23 degrees plus) that I love. The feeling of not shivering is very freeing. If I could spend all my days dressing in shorts and t-shirts, strappy (tank, if you’re anything other than English) tops and skirts, and little dresses, I definitely would. Although, having said that, I do appreciate a comfy jeans-and-jumper day. But not as much.

I get the feeling I’m just eternally pale, though. A couple of years ago I spent a month straight in Florida – the sunshine state – and got no darker. #Bonewhiteforever.

When people upload pictures online of their eternally-sunny country, I sit there and envy them. Faced with the prospect of a cloudy day in England 99% of the time, when there eventually is a sunny day, it makes even getting out of bed 100% easier.

It was amusing when me and my friends were deciding on where to go for our post-exams week away, and one of them suggested somewhere slightly north of us. I objected profusely. I am not going somewhere cold as soon as summer hits.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I’ll never visit colder places – Iceland was one of the best trips of my life. I’d love to go back there, especially when it’s a little colder actually, because there wasn’t all that much snow in October. The pictures of Iceland when it’s January/February sort of time are stunning, just because of the complete blanketing of snow and ice.

Back on the summer envy though, the colours are so much nicer when it’s sunny. Anyone else noticed that? Compare two different pictures of the exact same place, one from a cloudy day and one from a sunny day, and the sunny day picture just looks infinitely… happier, I guess. There are very few exceptions to that general rule, and I think that’s only because some places in England are just so eternally damp that to see them dry counts as plain weird. But even university prospectuses make use of this little trick – they all only use pictures of the university buildings at their best and brightest on a sunny day, to make it look more appealing. The grass looks greener, the rooms lighter… the list goes on.

When I eventually move out of my home (after uni), I’d love to go somewhere where, even if I’m still in England, the rooms are brighter and more open. I think open plan is really nice, though my mum’s not such a fan, just because it lets the light travel unobstructed through the place. Walls just make a place dark.

But yeah. That’s this weekend’s thought, anyway. Well, that and the idea that in three or four years’ time, it’ll be my first summer where I won’t be facing the prospect of exams, and so won’t have to spend all day on nice days stuck inside just so I can see my laptop screen. That time will come eventually, I’m sure. *harumph*


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