Weekend in Colchester

Last weekend, I spent two days in Colchester with some family. It was a nice break from revision, I have to say – there’s only so much you can sacrifice of a social life without going insane. I’m proud to say I did absolutely no revision for two entire days.


Anyway, the weekend was great – we went to Mersea Island on the first day, and to be honest, there isn’t a great deal there, but the beach was nice (we spent an inordinate amount of time looking at oyster shells, and I’m pretty sure my aunt took about 20 home with her… moving on) even though the weather was rather changeable. We could see from the shore that it was raining over on the other side of the bay, back on the mainland, which was certainly amusing from our slightly sunny spot.

The second day we went into a more central area of Colchester (I’m hopeless at locations, so I don’t know exactly where we were), but it was wherever was near our Premier Inn because we walked there. The castle was pretty awesome:


I have to say, having studied the Normans (well, from Anglo-Saxon to Norman England) last year for my A Levels, my appreciation for castles has gone up 100%. I got an A in that exam, purely for my essay about castles. Call me a geek.

We spent about five minutes doing an ‘experiment’ with the 10m deep well, where we basically just stood there throwing coins in and seeing whether 10p coins, 5p coins, or 20p coins reached the water first.

(In case you were wondering, 5p won more often than not.)

The grounds were pretty, particularly in the sun that eventually decided to make an appearance. It wasn’t the most activity-filled place in the world, but the main purpose of the weekend was really just to spend two days chatting… It was great.


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