Debating the Devil

Think about this:

Hell is supposedly a place of punishment.

Hell is ruled by Satan… or the Devil, depending on which you prefer.

If you go to hell, you’ve sinned.

And you’ll suffer for it.

If Satan’s the one punishing you for sins…

Does that not make him the good guy?

This is an interesting stance on the Devil that a few people I know like to think about now and again. It’s one of those weird things, where you hear something often enough – ‘The Devil is evil’, ‘Hell is a place for sinners’, ‘Hell is punishment’ – you just accept it, no questions asked, as the common view.

But then you think about it.

I don’t have a religion, and the little I had in the way of Religious Education was pretty dire, but the idea of the Devil enjoying all evils, while also ruling the land where everyone’s punished for sin, just doesn’t seem compatible.

I’d love to know how people thought this was logical.

Seriously, if the Devil was really that evil, surely he’d just be down there having a party with all the other sinners… Imagine it. They’d just be plotting, and dancing, and drinking, and partying like hell. They’d probably be critiquing all the still-alive sinners, like “You can do better than that!”

Honestly though, if you go to Hell to be punished, I very much doubt that if Satan’s evil, he’s either right there with ya, agreeing with you but punishing you, or alternatively that he’s punishing them at all… Come on now.



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