World Health Day

I found out it was World Health Day today (7th April), and I hadn’t got a post written for today yet, so I thought I’d write one about this.

I consider myself fairly healthy. I’m not strict about my diet, and I don’t ever ‘go on a diet’. I’m largely a pescetarian, and this was a move for health reasons – but not in a ‘meat is bad for you’ way; more just in a ‘meat is bad for me’ way. I have acid reflux, and for some reason or other, I can’t really digest meat very well. I decided to stop eating it during summer last year, and felt loads better since.

To me, health is quite an important issue. I want to be able to pursue all my goals and live a long life without being hindered by things that are preventable. When I was younger, I hated the majority of vegetables that my parents would put in front of me. Making my decision last year to become more healthy, I still didn’t like their staple go-tos (broccoli… beans… peas…), but I’ve branched out a lot – with both fruit and veg. Making conscious decisions to be healthier had a few impacts; I stopped craving junk food as much, I began eating more (now that I wasn’t eating foods I couldn’t digest), and my skin started improving.

These days, being healthy seems to have gone in two directions: everything in the media is either talking about the levels of obesity, or the rise of the ‘clean eating’ movement – paleo diets, veganism… You get the idea. Honestly, I think everything is up to the individual and their choices, but at the same time, I think we owe it to ourselves to choose a healthier lifestyle. I’ve yet to meet or hear from someone who decided to be healthier and regretted it, or found it was too much trouble to stick to. It’s not even particularly expensive.

My version of health pretty much follows the ideals of “eat when you’re hungry”, with some exercise dotted in during the weeks (mainly on weekends), and trying to get enough vitamins etc. I know I’m not completely healthy, considering I just ate a load of M&Ms completely guilt-free, but there is nothing wrong with that. But by following a largely healthy lifestyle, I know it’s already been good for me. As a winter baby I’d grown pretty much accustomed to being ill every winter without fail, and often getting colds into the springtime, but I actually don’t remember the last time I had one. Nowadays, I can’t even imagine going back.

There is no doubt that the world of convenience prefers easy food, like drive-through pick-ups or take-aways. My mum always refers to it as ‘junk food’. But there are so many healthy meals you can cook that won’t take longer than the length of time it takes for pasta to boil. I rarely cook anything that takes any longer than about half an hour, and that’s usually just things in the oven. Given the choice, I think we should all aim to be a little healthier, if for nothing else but our own gain. If a simple choice makes your body feel better, your brain function better, your immune system get stronger, and your confidence grow, what is there to lose?



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