Sad About an e-Reader…

I’ve had my Kindle since 2011, and I’m not going to lie, I go in and out of phases of using it. It’s a 2010 model release, so it’s got a physical keyboard & it’s not a touchscreen. Honestly, I can’t remember whether I asked for a Kindle (the probable explanation) or whether my parents just decided to get it for me (somewhat less likely, but my dad got one at the same time so I really don’t know).

I’ve always been pretty much on-the-fence about Kindles (and e-readers in general), because I could never prefer them to paperbacks, but I do think they’re pretty awesome. After all, you can carry an entire library in your bag and it won’t get any heavier. My main downside is not being able to physically feel the progress as you read, and of course, missing that musty smell of a real book.

Recently, though, I’ve been getting back into using my Kindle again. Not gonna lie, it’s largely down to the volume of books I have to take to school every day, and the idea of being able to still annotate and highlight texts without carrying around so much is a godsend to any sixth former (my average Monday involves carrying an extremely full lever-arch folder, five or so textbooks, resources for my study period and more – a girl’s gotta eat and all – and it’s gotten to the point where I fear for my bags and my back).

It also dawned on me that come September, I won’t have my shelves above my bed anymore. Or the big bookshelves downstairs. I’ll be in a small dorm room at university. And that means I won’t have access to all my books – probably not even my falling-apart copies of Harry Potter. So, the solution? BUY LOADS OF KINDLE BOOKS. You may call it a cheat’s library, but I call it a reader’s escape route.

I am sad though, because my trusty, sturdy little Kindle Keyboard looks like it might finally be reaching its end after five long years. The battery now lasts a few days at most, rather than the month or so it used to last. The page turns and unlocking are getting a bit slow and sometimes unresponsive. The other night, the whole screen just froze, and recently it hasn’t actually grasped the idea of shutting down properly. It just hides for a bit before returning to the same screen.

It won’t be the end of the world when it dies – after all, the current basic Kindle isn’t really that steep a price – but I will miss it. I like the physical keyboard, and I have to say, having one device that wasn’t a touchscreen was somewhat comforting (even my laptop is a convertible…). It gave it that element of nostalgia. But, I guess you can’t have everything. I’ll just quietly mourn it when it goes. And probably move on to other things.



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