10 Things About Me

As I’m still relatively new here, only 5 months into the blog and only one month into wordpress, I thought I’d do a post so you can get to know me a little better. Posts where people tell others about themselves always seem to go down well. So, here goes:

  1. I have a strange affection for elephants. I just find them super amazing! One day, I really want to ride an elephant. My cousin’s actually washed a baby elephant. I’m jealous. I know people say they can be violent, but really, if you piss an elephant off, that’s your own fault.
  2. I will not eat cooked carrot. Give me raw carrot, sure. As soon as you cook it, and it goes floppy or soft or whatever, get that stuff away from me. Once my dad tried to trick me by giving me cold cooked carrot, so I picked it up and it bent over. Nice try, dad.
  3. When I was younger, in the space of nine months, I had two mouth operations and had to use crutches for almost two weeks – and not at the same time. When I was even younger than that, barely a day went by without a scrape or a bruise – especially wearing a skirt!
  4. There are three things I will never object to being given: notebooks, actual books, and chocolate. I forgot my notebook today and left it at home, and felt so lost without it. Notebooks are an integral part of my life.
  5. A lot of people over the years have asked me if I dye my hair. I don’t, and I never have. When I turned eleven, it started getting darker, but it’s never decided on a colour – some of it’s brown, some of it’s blonde.
  6. I’ve never had braces. If I can afford it in the future, I’d like Invisalign. Most people don’t notice that I have a couple of crooked teeth, but only because my top teeth are mainly straight. (In your face, weird British stereotype about crooked teeth!)
  7. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall, which makes me pretty much one of the tallest cousins on one side of my family, but one of the shortest on the other.
  8. My favourite series of all time is, of course (as a ’90s child), Harry Potter. To be perfectly honest, barely a day goes by when I don’t manage to relate something to or reference something from Harry Potter.
  9. My dreams are always pretty self-explanatory. I know people struggle to understand theirs sometimes, with the whole losing teeth thing, or being somewhere naked… in my head, that’s not worth the effort. If I’m stressed about school, I dream about school.
  10. One time, I went to Tesco in my pyjamas – more specifically, in a pink and purple Eeyore dressing gown. I was sort of ill and my mum wanted to take me to the medicine counter, but it was fairly late at night so she didn’t see a point in me getting dressed. Don’t worry, I think I was six or something so it didn’t really matter!



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