“A hope or ambition of achieving something.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but everyone has ambitions. I always found it weird growing up how ambitions vary so much; as an extremely career-minded person, it always baffled (and still sort of does) me how it could be that others are just content to find some 9-5 job for the sole purpose of having an income, and nothing more. I don’t want a job. I want a career. I want to care about my work, and feel like it’s not just a waste of my time or a way of getting money.

Possibly strangely, I’ve always seen my goal of going to university as very separate from my career goals. I understand that probably the majority of people go to university in order to improve their job prospects, but I’ve never wholly seen it that way. I actually love study (believe it or not, from what I write on Twitter), but being in lower levels of study is really frustrating to me. I want to study what I want to study, not what the government thinks is important. Believe you me, solving simultaneous equations is not important to my life. I want to go to uni for the experience, and the people, and the change of scenery, the independence.

After that, I want to find a career in writing. Being a successfully published author has been my dream since I was old enough to think about it. Alongside that, I’m not exactly sure what I’d do. I’ve considered working in publishing, but I also think it would be so interesting to work in the media industry – in film or TV. Working in the BBC would be brilliant. Or working for Penguin, or Bloomsbury.

My story (3)

I don’t think I could ever give up on my dream of writing. The writing itself isn’t exactly out of my reach, I do it all the time. I fall in and out of the habit of regularly writing, like on my book, but only because I’m working for other things – like my grades at school. Finding a balance may be hard, but I don’t think I’d ever give up on getting published. Whatever a dream is that you may have, your aspiration and ambition, I think we put them on some kind of a pedestal, we hide them in a bubble so that whatever happens in our lives, they still remain. The bubble never pops, and we shouldn’t let it. If I reach my goals one day, and if whatever ends up happening in my life is even remotely the way I want it to be, I don’t think I could ask anything more.


I also decided to change the header photo… I’m not sure about it. I’ll leave it a while.



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