Beautiful at the West End

I’m going to put it out there now: I’ve been pretty convinced that every day this week so far has been a Friday. My body clock has gone completely off-kilter, and I have no clue why. I also thought that yesterday was the third of March, when it turned out it was only the second.

Right now, I’ve got so much work to do the stress levels are headed through the roof. I don’t know how teachers manage it, but somehow all coursework deadlines have appeared all at once. And let me tell you, trying to put 108 years worth of history into 2,200 words in one week isn’t fun.

On Tuesday night I went to see Beautiful at the West End. A couple of friends and I spent a while at Covent Garden before the theatre, and we ate at Franco Manca. It’s this great pizza place down near Gourmet Burger King, if any of you know where that one is, and all its pizzas are freshly made and under £8 so it’s great for low budgets. The service in there is great, too – I’ve been there twice now, and both times we’ve sat down, ordered and been served in under ten minutes.

The show itself was hilarious – I have to admit, I really knew nothing about Carol King before I saw the show, and I only recognised one song in the whole thing, but the story was pretty good. Some of the stage exits were the most brilliant exits, dancing and everything. The only bad thing about the night is how tired I was after it. I got to see my old form tutor at the theatre too, which was really nice.

I’m looking forward to early April at the moment – the first weekend of the Easter holidays I’m going to the theatre again, for a friend’s birthday, and we’re going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was a decision between that and the Lion King, but two of the girls have already seen that one so…

Now though, I’ve got to get back to my history. I’ve got an applicant day tomorrow, so I won’t get any work done then. If I’m going to get anything done well, I have to knuckle down… I’ll be back and more organised on Sunday!



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