A Bit of Cornish Air


At the end of last week, I went on a little weekend away to Cornwall. It was just a quiet few days – the weather could have been better, though it was really sunny on the last day. To be honest, I just appreciated four whole days doing no work, and trying my best not to think of school! Although I have been having weird dreams, including cutting off my hair (several times), a strange one where my parents gave my aunt & uncle a big sandwich for a house warming present (a couple of times), and people from my school doing weird things. And I think cars fit in there somewhere. No idea what those dreams meant.

Moving away from my weird dreams, I brought my laptop along with me for writing purposes. I didn’t spend all that much time while in Cornwall writing, but I did manage to move plenty around in my work-in-progress book, and get around 1,000 or so words done.

I managed to also visit Port Isaac, which is where TV series Doc Martin was filmed. It was blooming chilly when I went, but I was happy with some niiice fudge I bought from the fudge shop that acts as the pharmacy in Doc Martin.

Cornwall & Devon are two places I’ve been to quite a few times throughout my childhood, as I’ve got family there, and I was happy to see an aunt & uncle, along with my cousin’s two little boys (though not my cousin… he was working) on my last day. I haven’t seen the boys for probably a couple of years now, and they are definitely in their dinosaur phase! It’s super cute though.

Now I’m back, I’ve got coursework to think of, along with plenty of other deadlines for my A Levels. But when I walked in the house, I did find a Valentine’s card from a university I’ve applied to, which was a little funny. It even had a little poem inside. Either way, back to work for me!

Katy x


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