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This is a quote pinned to the wall in my sixth form common room. I get that it’s supposed to be motivational, but I can’t help feeling it’s completely wrong.

Watch any interview with a successful person, who’s explaining their past, or background, or whatever, and they all lost motivation. Loads of them experienced tragedies. Many have had depression, or other problems. J.K.Rowling made the first HP so dark because her mum died, and then it was rejected around a dozen times by publishers.

My point is, I don’t agree with this weird attitude that first chances are only chances, or that success involves never-wavering optimism. It doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t true. I know that even from the relatively narrow experience I’ve had.

Emotions are valid, no matter what your circumstances, and that’s something I think is regularly understated. And they can’t be simply brushed aside because you’re ‘too busy’. In fact, as far as I can tell, you ignore yourself for too long and you’re left facing disastrous consequences. Taking care of yourself is so important on the road to success.

What’s more, you can’t learn without failure. It’s good to be determined, it’s good to be optimistic, but it’s better if you use your failures and you use your fear. Use them as reasons to push harder, things to drive you further. Make every single disadvantage work for you, in your favour. It’s possible.



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