People of the world, I have changed blog servers! This means I now again have a new theme/design, which makes this the second (3rd?) design change since I started my blog in November 2015 – it seems slightly strange to think it was that long ago already.

I chose to move platforms because I think it’s a little (lot) easier for me to personalise and create on here, without a lot of the restrictions I was dealing with before. I am going to keep the same upload schedule, Thursdays and Sundays at 5pm. I’m a lot happier with this layout and design, and I think it’s also easier to read… I’ve transferred all my posts over, ’cause I didn’t really feel like losing them all (even managed to keep the dates, woohoo!). I’ve got a new About Me, a new Gallery, categories, and kept some old features – like the On My Mind bit. Currently, the old blog’s still active, but I might take it down soon.

Other than letting you guys know what’s going on, I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading my posts & my blog. It means a lot that people spend time to read whatever nonsense comes out of my head.

This week has been hella hectic but I think the worst is over – just gotta do some catching up (history lessons are a sloooog) and then I may actually get some rest! Gotta say, I can’t wait for the half term and a good break. But, enough of that – have fun exploring the new blog, and I’ll be back on Sunday.

Out with the old, in with the new…




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